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Snap of Napping TTC Collector Causes Kerfuffle

Photo by Jason Wieler.

Jason Wieler snapped the photo above—of an apparently sleeping TTC ticket collector—on January 9 at 9:46 p.m. at McCowan Station. Wieler, sick for the past few weeks, but eager to share “with a few buddies” who follow him on Twitter, “finally got around to posting it” today, tweeting it before noon with the caption “Yup, love how my TTC dollars R being spent…” From there and then, you can guess what happened next.
Reached over the phone on Thursday night as he headed towards the subway downtown, Wieler explained what happened: “I actually was coming home. I was actually doing some work for my website”—OGLE Toronto—”and, lo and behold, I got off the train…and there’s this dude just conked out. And I said, ‘you gotta be kidding me.’ I thought I was on Candid Camera or something like that. So I snapped a pic [and] got a few laughs out of it.”

The collector, Wieler guesses, was asleep for at least a “solid five minutes” while he was at the station. “When you look at the photo, his mouth was wide open. You only get that way when you’re totally conked out, right?”
When asked what the impulse was to share the pic to a limitless audience, Wieler explained that it was originally intended for his friends, though he shared it with the recent fare hike in mind, which he says “a lot of people are a bit upset” about. “And, of course, in today’s age,” he adds, “hey, whatever you put out there, who knows how fast it spreads and how quickly it catches on? [On] second thought, looking back on how crazy this thing took off I should have knew better, because obviously people have some high feelings about what’s going on right now….but originally I just wanted to share with a few buddies, ‘what gives?’ that type of thing.”
Reached for comment, TTC director of communications Brad Ross said that he had seen the photo. “It is of great concern to us,” Ross wrote in an email. “We’re looking into it….the matter will be addressed. I can’t say any more than that right now.”
Wieler says that this is the first time he’s seen a TTC worker “totally out of it,” but that he hopes that whatever the outcome of his photo is, it’s not a job lost for the conductor he photographed. “I didn’t want to get the dude in trouble…that wasn’t my intent of course; I know that this guy’s probably got a mortgage and kids. No one wants to take away someone else’s work. But on the flip side, I’m still rubbed a bit the wrong way when it comes to the fare hike and I thought we got a raw deal on that. It’s a fine line: you don’t want to get the guy in trouble—that wasn’t my intent originally to do that.” But, he adds, “I wasn’t the one sleeping.”


  • http://undefined Richard

    There’s a LOT of sleeping going on at the TTC…

  • dandmb50

    Well at least he’s not being rude to the riders, I guess that is a positive thing.
    Daniel ………… Toronto

  • http://undefined Andy

    I wish I’d gotten a photo of the TTC booth guy at Finch smoking in the booth last summer.

  • http://undefined Richard

    The only way to deal with the bad TTC workers appears to be public shaming…

  • http://undefined Darren

    I love this!!!

  • http://undefined jem

    a couple of years ago I filed a formal complaint to the TTC about the armored van idling repeatedly outside the Hudson Bay Centre at Yonge & Bay, while the driver chatted on the phone. I had spoken to the driver once about it and gotten a very rude reply. I finally filed the complaint after finding the exhaust-belching tailpipe aimed at the bike racks one day. All I got many weeks later was a letter back saying the matter had been taken care of. In my complaint I said I was not just complaining about the specific situation but the systemic problem.
    Yes the armored cars pick up a lot of money, but after all the people carrying it are armed, so I see no need to have the ‘getaway vehicle’ running.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Doesnt want the guy to get fired because he has a mortgae and kids??
    “Fare” enough…but on one condition;
    Municipal taxes of Torontonians pay for 25% of this guys’s salary. So if he lives outside of the city’s borders then he should be fired. Not only is a hopeless employee but he also doesnt care about the tax burden here because he doesnt live here.

  • http://undefined Sickboi

    As a side note…it looks like he intended to get some shut eye for a bit. He closed the little window by the fare box where you would get tickets/change.
    Now ask yourself, what would happen to YOU if you fell asleep on the job?

  • http://undefined Peter K

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. It may an extreme case but just spend a day at Islington Station and I guarantee you’ll see no collector at either booth a couple of times a day, not to mention TTC operators breaking the by-laws by lighting up a butt just outside the bus bays.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Remember her? She was sure worth a million

  • http://undefined Andrew

    Careful about saying any of this too loudly.
    Around this time last year some friends and I were chatting about the TTC (in a negative but not offensive tone: we were a group of Poli sci students) on our way to a show out in Etobicoke when the driver, a portly blonde woman, stormed out of her little kiosk on the subway car and (literally) screamed at us to either stop talking or “get the hell off her train.” We refused and just talked lower, but she was glaring at us for the rest of the trip: seriously uncomfortable.
    There’s a constantly growing state animosity between the TTC and the general public which, frankly, is unlikely to see any kind of conclusion until some substantial change is made to the way this city deals with its transit workers and its transit system. Guess the question might be: do we really need to protect the evolutionary dead end that is the modern day teamster?

  • http://undefined Darren

    Amen brother!!
    I would have challenged her for name and badge number. Apprantly they have a badge number for some odd reason

  • http://undefined Peter K

    I love the No Pass Backs sign in front. Passing OUT is okay, just not back.

  • http://undefined rich1299

    In all fairness it is a seriously tedious job being a booth collector, I’ve never done it but I’ve had similar jobs as a security guard where I sat in one spot all day long and just watched, it is extremely boring and the hardest part of the job was trying to stay awake especially if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before for whatever reason. I can sympathize with the guy, I fell asleep too when I was a security guard and woke to find several people lined up of people in front of me looking for directions, I apologized and they laughed it off saying they understood. I hope this guy doesn’t lose his job, don’t condemn the guy until you’ve done a similar incredibly boring job and have had to struggle just to stay awake. It looks bad but no harm was done.

  • http://undefined ANK170

    This is all rather mean. We’ve all been tired at work for whatever reasons (valid or not) and for those of us who will admit that they haven’t ever dozed at work for sure know someone who understandably has. The photographer says “I didn’t want to get the dude in trouble”. Well dude, what did you think would happen when you slapped that photo on Twitter? This worker – with the family and mortgage – will probably be disciplined at work which will probably result in him either being penalized in his income or demerited against him for other benefits. You’re pissed off that fares are going up? Guess what, so is he. I hope you enjoy these 15 minutes.

  • Andrew Pulsifer

    I can’t help but feel very sorry for this guy, as I normally do for most of the people who end up on Fail Blog.

  • http://undefined Peter K

    The harm is the $100K that he is likely pulling down for doing this.

  • http://undefined TK

    These sort of incidents must absolutely be publicized – TTC employees have a job with a ridiculously low degree of accountability. It’s only through exposes like this that the general public will truly see what so many have witnessed over the years – that a job with the TTC is a ticket to a lifetime of generous pay and benefits with minimal (if any) responsibility.

  • http://undefined Leah

    Why is it odd for them to have a badge number? Do you honestly think the administration knows each employee by name? How else are they supposed to identify themselves? Don’t you have a student number at school? A SIN number? A health card number? A bank account number?

  • http://undefined Leah

    Vilification of all TTC employees makes me laugh. You people have no idea what some of them go through.

  • http://undefined TK

    So, Facebook User, you condone your tax and fare $$$s going towards paying for somebody’s nap time then?
    BTW – I’m not vilifying *all* TTC employees. Just the ones that blatantly flaunt a disregard for a fairly reasonable degree of professional behaviour on the job.

  • http://undefined dowlingm

    When the 100K list comes out and the public go apeshit about how many TTC clericals are on it, one of the things that is said is “well, they do a lot of overtime”. One of my concerns when I hear that is – is the guy who just snapped at a passenger or fell asleep at his booth coming off a double shift? I presume drivers are regulated in how many hours they can drive the public but what limits are there on a collector?

  • http://undefined Easy Writer

    C’mon Toronto, lets not be a bunch of judgmental nanny-state whiners.
    As if all the people working in offices don’t eff off and surf the internet for 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes out of each work day.
    And here’s the other thing: if you need the guy, he’s right there. Just knock on the window.
    The photo is cute, it’s funny, it’s a cliche in action. Is it anything more than that? No, it isn’t.

  • Dry Brain

    This guy is almost certainly not making 100k. 60k is the max salary for fare collectors; anyone making 100k is putting in seriously heavy duty overtime.
    Also, why don’t you try sitting in a tiny, fluorescent-lit booth accompanied only by the screaming of subway trains and surly customers eight hours a day. This isn’t evidence of the TTC’s disregard for Torontonians. It’s evidence of a guy with a crappy job. (Who might now lose said job because some oaf with a camera decided it would be funny to publicly humiliate him.)
    Having said all that, I think the TTC union does get away with too much, accountability is low, and customer service is inept. BUT, this is just a middle-aged guy struggling to keep his eyes open on the night shift. Give the man a break.

  • http://undefined Greg

    Fire them all, abolish the union, hire young people/automate the system, drop TTC fares – a few hundred people suffer (who for the large part, don’t deserve their jobs) for the betterment of the entire city. = WIN

  • http://undefined Dry Brain

    On second thought, I regret calling Mr. Wieler an oaf… just read the interview with him and it looks like he didn’t mean for this thing to spread so far. Apologies to Mr. Wieler.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Its odd because in the workplace, where I am, we’re known by name

  • http://undefined Richard

    Guy with crappy job, meet the hundred of people who’d be happy to have it….
    If you sleep on the job as an air traffic controller, a programmer, or a fry jockey, you need to lose your job and leave it for someone who will DO the job.

  • http://undefined Richard

    This one appears to be going through R.E.M. sleep….
    This isn’t about ALL employees. This is about BAD employees.

  • http://undefined Dry Brain

    Um, this gut isn’t an air traffic controller. Your point = irrelevant.

  • http://undefined Richard

    No; I’m saying ANY job, regardless of skill or responsibility level. You don’t get a pass because you’re an unskilled ticket taker.

  • http://undefined Darren

    You cant be serious??? crappy job???
    Streetcar/Bus/Subway Operators are lining up trying to switch to Fare Collecting using any excuse possible once they get seniority. Thats why you see younger and younger Operators. Tell me; whens the last time you seen a fare collector who looked like he/she was younger then 40? That explains the older fare collectors
    Also, inside knowledge here, but Ops either go their willingly or are sent their after abusing a rider. Can you believe that? Treat a customer like crapand you get sent somewhere where you have to deal with them more. Thatt explains the crappy fare collectors.
    And odds are he is making 100k. If the last 3 year are a trend then the numbers are increasing by the truckload. Candido Barriero was the lone guy of 3 in 2007 who went to the media. The guy claimed a bum shoulder so he switched to fare collecting. He was in his early 50s, bum sholder, claimed to have done so much OT, yet still found the energy to renovate his home that year. I spend an hour a week doing odd maintenance on my home and I feel winded…and Im 20 years younger then him doing 40 hrs a week
    The next year the number of fare collectors making over 100k shot up to dozens. One of those who made 100k plus in 2008 was later arrested in 2009 for allegedly stealing tokens;
    The guy was making 100k plus yet still stole tokens??? He wasnt a young guy either, he was a TTC lifer so odds are he didnt start stealing a week before he was busted and he was stealing for years.
    This is a cushy job, a useless job that can be automated, and its being maitained and extended into new stations by our current leftist idiots at city hall

  • http://undefined Matthew

    The real problem this pic highlights is that TTC fare collectors are in general less useful to the average transit user than a machine. Where a machine will sell you the most amount of tokens that a $20 bill will buy you, for some reason the human can not. I guess it has something to do with the TTC collectors skimming change or something. I’ve never figured out for sure why their token bundles are such a hassle.

  • http://undefined Dry Brain

    McCowan is not exactly a major traffic hub. At quarter to ten this guy probably hadn’t had a customer in a few minutes. He shut his eyes for a second, and the next thing he knows, he’s asleep. It happens to all of us. Maybe he’s an insomniac. Maybe his neighbours had a loud party the night before. Hell, maybe he IS lazy. Maybe a lot of things.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Dude…if I doze off at work I am fired…and taxpayers dont pay my salary.
    We are paying 25% of this leetches salary from our taxes, and I will my organs that he is a suburbanite.

  • http://undefined Dry Brain

    How’d I get sucked into spending half an hour commenting on this? Anyway, sure, your logic is great: some TTC employees take advantage of their union contracts and get shifty and lazy, therefore this guy is probably a customer-abusing asshole who should be fired and replaced with a fare box, but won’t because city hall is stacked with incompetent quasi-communists who like to burn money for kicks. Logical.
    Also, Candido Barreiro’s normal salary was 54 grand. He made over 100 by working 421 shifts in a single year. There are 365 days in a year. Do the math. You want to attack wasteful salaries, ask why some CEOs make not hundreds of thousands, but millions of dollars in a year. Those costs get passed on to us too–not as taxpayers, but as consumers.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Oh, and forgot to add; Guess where abusive fare collectors are sent to? No..not out the door, but to Maintenance. That explains the Wildcat Strike and the the No vote on the last CBA. Maintenance has within it the worst of the worst TTC employees who couldn’t cut it dealing with the public. The TTC is too chicken sh*t to fire them so we end up with a highly militant wing of the TTC referred to as Maintenance. They are SO militant and demanding for concession (which shouldnt apply to them as they dont deal with the public) that even the ATU113 was rumoured to be trying to offload Maintenance to CUPE or some other union.
    Working at the TTC is a job for life. “crappy job” is the furthest thing from the truth.

  • http://undefined ANK170

    Dry Brain = right. Darren = wrong. Sorry, but all truth.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Dude, I choose where to buy my products from. I can choose not to buy from Home Depot because I dont agree with their CEO, so I buy from Lowes. But most people cannot choose an alternative to the TTC. I did, Im biking and cabbing. 10 years straight of buying metropasses ended this past Dec.
    CEOs are also unique. Fare collectors are not. How manymore collectors will be hired to fill 3/4 empty stations in Vaughan??
    As for Candido, his story didnt pass the stink test. Ask any TTC employee who trusts you enough to tell you the truth, but that guy got crap from his peers for going to the media with such a stinky story like his. His story didnt add up.
    Yeah they do their OT, and they probably call in sick to make more OT for eachother. They also dont pay the costs you and I pay to work (famously the health tax which they dont pay), but also parking. Ever see a switch operator (in reality a streetcar operator doing OT) pay for parking? They leave a TTC vest on the dash of their personal vehicle and leave it ANYWHERE. No one will ticket them. The guys make time and a half and refuse to pay for parking for their SUVs they just drove in from the burbs.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Wow…did Bob Kinnear teach you how to say that?? LOL

  • http://undefined Bubba

    Give me a break, it’s pretty obvious nothing is going to happen to this guy he works in view of the public and doesn’t even care because he knows that he can’t be fired.
    Try being unemployed, looking for a job for 2 years and you see crap like this, and you feel sorry for him?! Get real!

  • rek

    That job takes less skill than any job at McDonald’s, has absolutely zero customer interaction standards or accountability (unlike McDonald’s), pays over 9000 times what you’d make at McDonald’s, but guess which employee won’t be fired for falling asleep at his post?

  • antiboy

    Speaking of zero accountability, let’s all hear it for the lazy schlubs that are over 1 year behind fixing the pretty important (as there are about a zillion stairs) escalator at Don Mills.

  • http://undefined thewatchmaker

    Just last week, I got on a bus at Pape station, which was sitting a while longer than normal. I was sitting at about the halfway point, but I wasn’t the only person who thought that our driver was sleeping. (Leaning back, arms crossed on his chest, eyes closed. And only the back door was open.)
    After I had been sitting there for 7 or 8 minutes or so, he suddenly sprung up and we were moving almost immediately.

  • http://undefined Peter K

    Obviously you are forgetting the last sunshine list. Nearly 600 TTC employees were on it, including 69 drivers and 21 station collectors. So in fact, this guy could very well have made of $100,000.

  • http://undefined Peter K

    Knowing the attitude of many TTC workers he’d probably yell at you for waking him up.

  • http://undefined Leah

    “a job with the TTC is a ticket to a lifetime of generous pay and benefits with minimal (if any) responsibility.”
    This = generalization. I’d be interested to know how this statement can be interpreted as referring only to the bad employees.

  • http://undefined Leah

    Well isn’t that nice and happy for you? It’s just easier for the commission to keep track of employees they don’t care about with five numbers instead of with their names (which could be easily misspelled by TTC riders if they asked for names to complain, if you want to help the people out). The badge numbers are really just more efficient at the end of the day. Bus number assigned to badge number. Any complaints (or compliments, which do happen, believe it or not) can be forwarded from a head office to any of the divisions at which the driver might work and perhaps then the matter will be dealt with between a supervisor and an employee who are on a first-name basis.
    All I know is that when I call my bank or a department at my university, they ask for my number first, not my name. It’s a tragedy of the modern age. Get used to it.

  • http://undefined Leah

    Must agree with you here. Collectors have it much easier than operators (which is why operators are sent to be collectors after they’ve come back from taking time off due to injury or stress… and before you say that TTC drivers can’t possibly be stressed, think of, for example, the subway operators who have to deal with people jumping in front of their trains, or the ones threatened with guns).

  • http://undefined friend68

    Does reading Torontoist while working count?
    Don’t worry about this newly famous TTC employee. He’ll be fine; he’s got a good union.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Thats the problem right there; buses shouldnt be assigned to badge numbers. Extend the Step Forward program across the entire fleet, like it is in NYC. There shouldnt be one bus for one operator. The next avaliable operator should move into the next avaliable bus. This, along with a smartcard system would be the reason to finally ditch the busbay system…if morons like Adam and Joe Mihevc would stop bragging about them and extending them to the new stations.

  • dandmb50

    How/when did this ever happen,RED LIGHTS on TTC security vehicles? Does this mean I must pull over when I see one coming up from behind me? They are NOT an emergency vehicle (Police, Fire, Ambulance) and how did they ever get red lights on their cars?
    During the Olympic Torch run on Carlton Street I even saw one of them blocking traffic on the street with his lights flashing. That’s a public street, where do they get off with this? So does this mean all security firms can now apply to get red lights on their cars?
    I think TTC is going way beyond their mandate.
    I do however think it is time that we have a special division of real cops, Toronto Police Service in the subways with full powers, not security guard wannabees.
    Daniel ……… Toronto

  • http://undefined sbot

    TWO words for you:
    Ticketing Machine

  • http://undefined Darren

    Im surprised this guy was wearing a TTC uniform. Most of them will switch to ATU113 garb, which is illegal unless under ‘work to rule’. Nice impression to tourists eh? Seeing a guy in a ATU113 jumper. Makes you wonder who is employing them.

  • dandmb50

    Here’s a better picture of the TTC security vehicle blocking off Carlton St at Yonge during the recent Olympic Torch run in downtown Toronto.
    How is it that the TTC have red lights on their security cars? And not only that, they are blocking city streets with these cars blocking traffic from passing? Who gives them this authority?
    Am I required to pull over for them when they come up on me with the red lights flashing?
    Daniel ………. Toronto

  • http://undefined Duke of Spook

    Check out this statement by the union:
    I once saw a ticket collector let a girl who was fall down drunk pay a fare and go right through, not saying anything. She shouldn’t have been allowed to go near subway tracks and this union guy is saying we should’ve watched out for the sleeping man? HA

  • http://undefined Darren

    What an ass Bob Kinnear is. He lives just down the street and I’ve seen him a few times. While running an errand he parks his car right at the corner of Kingsmount and Gerrard, right at the corner under the stop sign..which is illegal. Will never get a ticket though as he has the ATU113 sticker by his rear plate.

  • http://undefined Marc Lostracco

    The union statement is pretty harsh, and presumes that nobody did wake the guy up and that he wasn’t sawing logs so that it was clear he was asleep.
    I’ve seen booth ops sleeping twice, and though it’s the kind of think that can happen to anybody accidentally, I’m more concerned that these people are supposed to be watching the DWA and other cameras on the security monitors.
    I tried to wake up one of the guys I saw sleeping by making a lot of noise with the change and “accidentally” bumping the glass. He looked around for a second, looked at me, and then went back to sleep. As for the other guy I saw asleep, I was kinda afraid of being yelled at if I knocked on the glass to wake him up. [Shrug]

  • http://undefined Darren

    hahaha. I was drunk off my ass on NY’s eve and the guy let me in at Y&B. I got off on 2 or 3 different stations because I felt “ill” and not one fare collector came down to check on me while I was on the platform. They do have footage of the platform fed into the stations, but total strangers helped me back onto the train.
    Why should I inquire about their health and well being

  • http://undefined

    Better the Collector than the bus driver!

  • http://undefined andytown

    Medical Emergency hm? Who, exactly, does the union believe they’re kidding? Anyone who grew up with a father and a recliner knows what is going on here.

  • http://undefined Marc Lostracco

    I wonder what would happen if there was a medical emergency with a passenger in the station and Snoozy McSnoozerson didn’t see it because he was busy watching the inside of his eyelids.
    Again, this kinda thing can happen to anyone and he probably didn’t intend to fall asleep, but rather close his eyes for juuuuuuust a second…but part of his job is to look out for passenger safety, and that’s why this is significant. It’s not as much that he dozed off; it’s that he has a responsibility larger than just collecting tickets and barking at people through the little speaker.
    I wonder if Bob Kinnear’s response to that would be that there was no guarantee that the security cameras were working and that passengers have a responsibility to step in when someone else is in danger.

  • http://undefined Darren
  • http://undefined Rebok

    ok, so here is the scoop from my husbad who is a subway operator. The guy has heart problems, and is on light duties, he was sent to this station because is is a quiet station.
    Also, TTC has something called a “spare board”, which means that the employee can work a split shift up to 12 hours, and have to be back in within 8 hrs.

  • http://undefined spacejack

    Okay, forget what I said earlier. TTZZZZzzzgate is blowing up!!

  • http://undefined tdot

    In light of all this, Rebok uses logic. It isn’t normal to fall asleep in the public eye randomly, there must be some type of medical conditions in which you end up passed out. It could be narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea or as Rebok said this man had a heart condition. When you become as old as this man your body isn’t as perky as before. In fact this man almost looks dead in my view. Remember money isn’t everything health is more important. From what my TTC source tells me is that they have phsychologists always available for night crew maintenance staff because alcaholism, drug addiction and suicide attempts are the norm. Although the night crew is raking in $30.00 per hour approx. the deppression rate is increasingly high. I personally wouldn’t work for the TTC your in the public eye to much.

  • Darren

    They can always resign
    And BTW, the health issues of this man are overblown from what I am told by my fare collector friends. I also know his name, but wont state it here publicly
    Most of the health issues of the collectors are exagerated so that senior Ops move to fare collecting,like Candido Barrero and his supposed bum shoulder.

  • http://undefined Rebok

    D-Me I don’t think you have any fare collector friends or you would have the real scoop of the TTC and your attitude would reflect that! The fact is a lot of the collectors are there because they have done there time as operators and now due to age, illness, injury, or post tramatic stress due to being involved in a suicide, they are now collectors.
    Do your so called buddies tell you about the spare board at TTC where an employee can be at work for 12 hrs, and then have to be back at work 8 hrs later for his next shift?

  • http://undefined Laura

    New forum.
    Trash Talk The

  • http://undefined Darren

    And your point is? Do you need me to prove something here? How does one “do time as an operator”??? Must be nice to keep an archaic career position open so priveliged people can swtich to it.
    No, never been told about that board. But I was told that the George Robitaille (sorry you asked for me to prove it) “isn’t on the sunshine list and that his crew pays 8 hours” So his name will never appear on the sunshine list
    Also, I’ve been told of the Jockeys (maintenance guys who drive streetcars in the yards) have been caught “sleeping in sleeping bags” on the back seats of streetcars in the middle of their shift…and NEVER disciplined.
    I’ve been told more stories by my friends in Maintenace; involving Home Depot runs while on the job. Want me to expand on those too?
    So whats your point? Do fare collectors need to exist, and are all the people there actually sick as they claim? BTW, you’re not the only ones who go home for 8 hrs and come back to work. Alot of professions do that

  • http://undefined Darren

    Oh….so the star has an article where George gives his view from his home near Colburg.
    If there ever was a time for TO to adopt a Chicago type residency bylaw, George just proved it.

  • http://undefined TokyoTuds

    Hear, hear … a residency requirement would help. My late father was a government employee and had to comply with such a requirement as well.

  • http://undefined Ratazana

    Questions for those who are defending the collector’s action with ‘who hasn’t snoozed on the job’ logic: Why hasn’t the collector come out to apologize? Why hide behind the union? Should we give someone such leniency when he is not being completely honest with us?
    And for those who think that automating the fare system will solve the problem, it won’t. You will still need an actual person at the station to field questions and enquiry. An automated system will just make their job even more boring.

  • http://undefined Darren

    Autmation can reduce staff like in NYC, where at most its one staff per station. That would reduce staffing in busy stations like Union, Y&B, King, etc.

  • http://undefined ointment

    >>”I actually was coming home. I was actually doing some work for my website”

  • http://undefined Solex

    And please stop believing bullshit from idiots who comment on the Toronto Sun’s website.

  • http://undefined Solex

    The same things can be said about major leauge sportspeople and the salaries they pull, as well as most of the overpaid idiots who helped our economy into the mess that it is today, but I don’t see anybody crying their eyes out about that now, huh?

  • http://undefined Solex

    Spoken like a true right-wing pro-corporate drone…

  • http://undefined vettie

    why did a ttc worker give her the booze. If the collertor was a male and he put his hands on her than she would make a complaint about it so tell me what should he have done and where are her friends that were with her when she got that drunk please tell me

  • http://undefined Darren

    He could have asked her if she needed help, and insits she sits down. Sometimes a strong comment is enough to make someone realise that what they are about to do is extremly dangerous. He then could have called Transit Control and they could have sent either SCs or Paramedics.

  • http://undefined fullspectrum

    Congratulations Jason Wieler for snapping this picture of a guy with a heart condition resting for a few minutes. He’s dead now of a stroke!
    He was depressed from this picture and carrying the brunt of people’s dissatisfaction with the TTC. He had to apologize to the TTC and his everyone around him. He was a great guy always helping tourists and answering people questions with a smile on his face.
    The last year of his life was spent being depressed and shamed for NOTHING! Way to go… To anyone else trying to be a wise guy. Think twice because there are always 2 sides to a story. In this case he was napping because he was sick.

  • accozzaglia

    fullspectrum, with a name like yours, this should be easy to understand: hindsight optics are 20/20.
    No one — not even you — walks around looking at complete strangers with sketch biographies of their lives instantly uploaded to your brain from some unknown force. The optics of this photo do not change what was observed then — even in retrospect, even knowing that a person died from an unrelated ailment (and who we will all eventually follow ourselves). A customer-oriented job with some degree of public safety as part of that description requires lucidity. It just does.
    Your comment is disingenuous.

  • http://undefined rek

    If Jason Wieler gets depressed and dies, can we blame you?