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Roncesvalles Construction Sucks

Travel along Roncesvalles Avenue these days can be an exercise in frustration. As preparations for the new streetscape promised by the Roncesvalles Renewed project roll on, residents and visitors are dealing with an ever-evolving construction zone where one never quite knows where today’s newest obstacle will be. While the end result will be a street designed to be friendlier to cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users, the process of getting there is starting to grate on those dealing with the latest deep hole in front of their business, blockaded side-street access, and the detour of southbound TTC service along Lansdowne (traffic flow on Roncesvalles is currently northbound only).
Early Sunday morning, a frazzled soul reached their “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” point. A series of banners expressing disdain toward the construction equipment impeding access to Roncesvalles decorated the fencing that graces at least two intersections.
Photos by Jamie Bradburn/Torontoist.