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Climate by Candlelight

On a global day of action established by environmental advocates to mark the beginning of United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen, Toronto activists gathered in Queen’s Park on Saturday evening to hold a candlelight vigil in front of the Ontario Legislature. Between Copenhagen-themed carols and statements on the environment, Jack Layton spoke about the green movement in Canada and his upcoming trip to the talks in Denmark. Layton hopes to get the message across to delegates that Harper’s representatives do not speak for the majority in Parliament.


  • http://undefined Matthew

    And yet, the consumer protection section of the NDP party’s platform is still talking about lowering gasoline prices.
    “Help alleviate gouging at the gas pumps through monitoring and regulating fuel prices at the pumps.”
    Climate change is not going to be reduced without a carbon tax, which will dramatically raise the price of gas. But, until the NDP drops their populist slant on gas prices they will have no credibility on climate change.

  • Kevin Bracken
  • Kevin Bracken
  • http://undefined McKingford

    Climate change is not going to be reduced without a carbon tax
    Well, this isn’t necessarily true – there is a compelling argument that cap-and-trade is a more effective mechanism for reducing CO2 emissions. Cap-and-trade was the tool used to successfully reduce SO2 emissions, which is the reason you no longer hear about acid rain being a problem today.
    Ultimately, I agree that higher energy prices will result, either way. However, I don’t think it is disconsonant – in the absence of a carbon regime – to talk about lower gas prices, for this reason: one can believe that higher energy (including gasoline) prices are necessary to address CO2, but that in the absence of an effective regime, to also believe that consumers ought not to be gouged at the pumps by oil companies. In essence, although it may essentially be populist to say that until government (through which, the people) takes its share at the pump, it is not inconistent to say the oil companies ought not unduly profit (especially through their cartel-like operation) from that absence.

  • blocher33

    This makes me sad.

  • http://undefined WindowpaneMG

    I get that the U.S. has a major affect on much of what we do as a nation. Using the auto sector bailout as an example, it made sense to me that a Canadian response should mirror U.S. efforts in substance and scale. Climate reform though? Am I alone in feeling that under Harper we are slipping into an obscure voice? We should be a leading player in the movement for change. When did we become economists and not environmentalists?