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Google Street View Toronto Goes Live

At long last, Google Street View has gone live for Toronto as of this morning. We’re gonna be perusing the sights today, but if you spot anything great, email it to
Thanks to reader Ben Hendry for the tip.


  • http://undefined Kid Lunch

    And the piled up garbage at Christie Pits will forever be remembered:

  • http://undefined Green Sulfur

    There’s a flaw along St. Clair West. It seems that if you go between 716 and 724 St. Clair Ave. W., you find yourself in the ally just north of St. Clair. It even happens when you try to navigate along St. Clair without specifying an address.

  • Karen Whaley

    You can definitely see a stack of empty pizza boxes sticking out of my recycling bin.

  • http://undefined JustCari

    Lots of awesome gems. I’m a fan of the weird things that happen as a result of the moving cameras taking still images:
    This biker looks kind of awesome.
    Awesome half flattened girl
    I’m sure there’s lots of other goodies. Can’t wait to see what others come up with.

  • http://undefined Andrea

    Middle fingers up from the park at College and Shaw:

  • 24601

    It’s not just Toronto either. They’ve covered the golden horseshoe from just west of Bowmanville to Stoney Creek.

  • http://undefined fearofcorners

    So who else immediately checked out their house to make sure they weren’t immortalized standing naked in the window?

  • http://undefined DanL

    And (in Toronto) TRAFFIC IS LIVE TOO!!!
    Also StreetView in Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal, Vancouver and a lot of lower BC, Quebec City, Calgary, Kamloops, Banff, and Halifax…I think I saw a couple more but can’t remember.
    What I also noticed is neither Niagara Falls or Sarnia-Windsor is covered which I would have thought they might have done solely because they’re connected with the USA.

  • http://undefined Vincent Clement

    Windsor is coming. Street View vehicle was here during our strike as well. I also saw the Street View vehicle on the 401 west of London.

  • http://undefined nib

    this is just a guess, but for a time this summer the road was all torn up right there, so perhaps they had to bypass it and never got around to replacing that little bit with updated, freshly paved photos?
    if not, it’s a little weird that they’d go in the alley behind the mcdonalds.
    although google streetview cars are known for documenting their lunch breaks.
    (seems they fixed it but there’s a photo of it)

  • http://undefined Cobalt

    The guy flippin’ the bird is longer available for viewing… quick response time from google!

  • http://undefined Cobalt

    that should be *no* longer available…
    you can still see him and his buddy in the images before and after the deleted one. looks kind of like he’s rolling a joint, the address is 420 Shaw after all.
    So I wonder for which reason it was deleted by google, maybe the combination of the two activities put him over the line of community standards.

  • http://undefined Cobalt

    I can’t seem to create a direct link but if you search “144 Fort York Blvd” you won’t be disappointed… especially if you’ve ever wondered what has happened to Skeletor since He-Man has been off the air.

  • http://undefined nealj

    maybe they’re reading this…

  • http://undefined nealj

    err… that reply was to Cobalt’s comment on 420 Shaw, not 144 Fort York….

  • http://undefined Cobalt

    There is one VERY happy construction worker outside of the Phoenix at
    414 Sherbourne St.
    He’s hard to miss, he’s the one with the really large pole.

  • http://undefined phillycheese

    Sure enough google may have some issues with privacy concerns. But there are various other websites hosting street views for Toronto that get around this by focusing only on the buildings. Take a look at the following to see an example: (Bloor Street)
    PixelCity focuses on a panoramic view rather than a 360 view which avoids privacy issues. On top of that, its much quicker to move up and down a street of interest then Google’s 360 street viewer