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Zanta for Mayor?

“I do pushups with no shirt on. And I want to be your mayor.”
So says the short bio of Zanta, or at least someone pretending to be him, on the newly created mayorzanta Twitter account. Yes, yes, yes: intermittent Torontonian David Zancai—whose habit of flexing, growing, yelling, self-aggrandizing, and push-up-ing his way around Toronto while shirtless and wearing a Santa hat has no doubt earned him at least as much civic ambivalence as any politician—may be trying to land the mayoral seat of a city that he’s been banned from large swaths of. Far be it from us to calculate the odds of Zancai’s success so early, but we don’t think Christmas’ll be coming early in 2010.
Thanks to Zack Ginies for the tip.


  • http://undefined Moonmoth

    Zanta scares the kids. He yelled “I’m Zanta” at the park the other day and started doing push-ups, the kids were all horrified

  • http://undefined Green Sulfur

    I know Torontoist strives to add a bit of humour to things but this post dilutes the quality in the other articles on the Miller announcement.

  • http://undefined raches

    Why is Zanta banned from downtown? He doesn’t hurt anyone. There are way more people that do worse stuff in the downtown core, like that Jesus guy who hangs out at Dundas and Bloor yelling in your ear, or those Black History Month guys harassing people year round outside of subway stations.

  • http://undefined AdamD1

    Why is he banned from downtown? (Plus Bloor West Village, plus the TTC, plus many parts of the Danforth…)
    1) Because he has a history of being verbally abusive, especially towards women, whenever they try to ignore his constant loud encouragements to check out his abs.
    2) Because for two years, he ignored warnings from CityTV to stop yelling into the camera during any on-air camera segment.
    He’s further banned from any TTC vehicle (or may not be, that restraining order was from 2006 and may have expired) for similarly abusive and otherwise alarming behavior.
    He scares kids. He scares the elderly. Many people find him funny. These are usually visitors to Toronto. Most people I know (including me) think he needs serious help. His continued hopes of press attention really belie the facts: he’s off his meds. Several postings on numerous forums have indicated that this whole act is so that he can regain custody of his daughter. (source)
    See this Metafilter posting (also from 2006.)

  • http://undefined raches

    I’ve had many encounters with Zanta and he is no scarier than thousands of many downtown residents “off their meds” or that were never on meds. It’s totally wrong that they have restricted Zanta’s movements in Toronto. In regards to CityTV, they should ban all teenaged douchebags from downtown if they are worried about yelling into the camera.
    People should lighten up…

  • http://undefined AdamD1

    > In regards to CityTV, they should ban all teenaged
    > douchebags from downtown if they are worried about yelling
    > into the camera.

    It was apparently frequent profanity, during the morning news, all the time. Most “teenage douchebags”, after three warnings, get the hint. Zanta here did not, this after months of this behavior. (Note: I do not work for City, nor have I ever.)
    I wasn’t kidding about “off his meds”. That is in the restraining order.
    > People should lighten up…
    Clearly you haven’t seen the same level of behavior I and numerous others have from this guy.