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Let’s All Stare at Aliya-Jasmine Sovani’s Boobs, to Raise Awareness for Something-or-Other

Aliya-Jasmine Sovani is the anchor of MTV News, and, as an MTV News intern recently informed us in Eye, she listens to an “eclectic mix of Led Zeppelin, MGMT and Britney Spears.” But did you know that she is also a woman, with breasts?
It’s true! Sovani and said breasts co-star, in slow motion, in the above ad for October’s Boobyball, a fundraiser for rethink breast cancer that Sovani is co-chairing. In the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, the ad’s co-director, “Sean”—Sovani’s the other director—describes the premise as aptly as we ever could: “The concept is that a beautiful woman enters a pool area, and it’s really about her breasts.” Yep.
Oh, and breast cancer. Yeah, it’s about that too, or whatever.


  • http://undefined Gloria

    “The concept is that a beautiful woman enters a pool area, and it’s really about her breasts.”
    Concept? More like … how it is?

  • Patrick Metzger

    Will they, er, she be at the fundraiser?

  • Robin Hatch

    Still waiting on the prostate cancer ad where Daryn Jones shakes his junk in a speedo.

  • http://undefined wesshepherd

    Very nice smile.

  • http://undefined wesshepherd

    On another note, if the same ad was broadcast to sell beer, pretzels, vodka–basically anything other than to raise breast cancer awareness, any guesses on what the reaction from feminists would be?

  • http://undefined friend68

    Nice indeed. Besides, this whole story is just a reason to be able to put boobies up on Torontoist.

  • http://undefined sarah

    actually, the reaction from feminists to this is: let’s save the entire woman, her life, not just the boobs.
    Come on, is it really that hard to say: you know your mom, your wife, your sister? you probably don’t want her to die from breast cancer, right? no, instead it’s about saving a woman’s one true asset: her breasts.

  • http://undefined wesshepherd

    Not sure what you’re mad at. I was pointing out the double standard that using this form of attention-getting is considered okay for one thing and not another. You should take your argument to the organizers of the Boobyball if you don’t approve of their method of raising awareness.

  • http://undefined sarah

    no, I wasn’t mad! I was just pointing out that to say that feminists think this is a good campaign is generally untrue.
    I do understand that this is just a campaign to get lots of attention, though, and it’s definitely doing a good job at that.

  • http://undefined Vincent Clement

    What were you saying, Topping? I was distracted by the video.

  • http://undefined wesshepherd

    Sorry, my misunderstanding. Owe you a beer.

  • http://undefined JMcCormick

    ‘This form of attention-getting is considered okay for one thing and not another’. No one said it’s ok for either. This ‘concept’ is tacky and lazy.

  • http://undefined wesshepherd

    Yup, totally agree that the concept is tacky and lazy, and my whole point is that the ad would have been pulled if it was a beer commercial, but I haven’t heard anyone protest it, so I have to believe it’s been found acceptable because of the cause it represents.

  • Patrick Metzger

    If a successful ad needs to accomplish two principal things – to get attention and to prompt action – I’d say this succeeds on the first but may fail on the second.
    On the other hand, maybe promoting a breast cancer fundraiser as if it were the Molson Canadian Mega Keg is an idea whose time has come.

  • http://undefined Svend

    You could say the ad is offensive to men, generalizing that we’re all drooling vacant morons.
    That is, if you didn’t have a sense of humour.

  • http://undefined Gloria

    I dunno how to tell you this, but if I went out and protested a beer campaign because I think its lazy writing is insulting to women, I’d get told I need to get laid, and if I was so angry about sexism, why don’t I go to Afghanistan and build a school for girls? By the way, my skirt is pretty short for a feminist.
    Everyone has their priorities. Just because nobody’s protested (to you) about this doesn’t mean a lot of people don’t feel negatively about this. I do and the best way I act about it is funnel my money to smart, constructive campaigns.
    And more to the point, I’d be really interested to hear who The Feminists are. Is there a weekly meeting I didn’t hear about? Do I vote in a board of directors? Is there a card I need to carry?

  • http://undefined wesshepherd
    Not sure if their meetings are weekly.

  • Vambo Drule

    What a waste of beauty and talent, interviewing gay men in her little universe of Toronto. Why doesn’t she step outside of her comfort and maybe try acting in an American-made movie? Otherwise she’ll just be a big fish in a little pond, when she seriously could become internationally famous. Like many people who find their success in Toronto, they settle for being locally famous and never achieve anything else.

  • holly123

    Body double at the end..???

  • Señor Kikuyu

    Brown Bimbo!