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Adios, Rios

Alex Rios, ostensibly an integral part of the Toronto Blue Jays’ future, is a Blue Jay no longer: Rios joined the Chicago White Sox this evening in exchange for…absolutely nothing, since the Blue Jays had put Rios on waivers late last week. Teams do this all the time, but it seldom leads to anything; apparently Chicago figures it’s worth gambling on Rios’s contract. Let us be the first to applaud this move if the money the Blue Jays are saving is reinvested back into the team. They’re clearly in salary-dumping mode: since early July they’ve sent Rios, Scott Rolen, and B.J. Ryan packing, moves which suggest the necessity of freeing up payroll for next season. And Rios hasn’t looked the same since he broke out in 2006; he might become a decent player, but it’s looking less and less likely he’ll develop into the franchise-calibre player Toronto expected him to become. Thanks for the memories, Alex, but we think your departure will actually make the Blue Jays better. Eventually.


  • http://undefined McKingford

    Rios leaving helps the Jays immediately: addition through subtraction.
    Cutting BJ Ryan wasn’t really a cost cutting move because they were still stuck paying the balance of his contract.

  • http://undefined dowlingm

    Ever since the youtube incident, I’ve been waiting for this day.

  • Stephen Johns

    @ McKingford, “addition through subtraction” is exactly what this is. I won’t claim Rios isn’t a good player, but if he’s peaked–and I feel as though Gaston thinks he has–then it’s a good move. It might come back to bite us, but I guess that’s the risk you run.
    @ dowlingm, I still haven’t seen it, believe it or not. I guess I kinda refused to watch it after the incident occured (two r’s?) since I wanted to keep things sacred…or something. That’s not what I mean at all, but I’m still too beat up from a night on the rail in front of Pearl Jam to think coherently. ;)

  • http://undefined badbhoy

    It was the best they could expect from a bad situation. Richard Griffin of The Star saw it as an opportunity to continue his crusade against Riccardi but cutting the salary of an underachieving player with a bad attitude was the right move.

  • http://undefined Astin

    Now if only someone had taken Wells and Overbay…
    This brings up Snider likely, although Randy Ruiz wouldn’t be a surprise (despite playing 1st base) with his numbers.
    There’s nothing wrong with a salary dump when the high-priced players aren’t performing. Especially if that money gets reinvested into, say, Halladay, or players that will make the team stronger.

  • Adam M.

    Rios once showed so much promise as a future leader of the Jays, now he’s gone. A couple years ago I would’ve never guessed he’d be let go in such an unceramonious fashion.