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Where is the Love? and Fergie are probably asking this of Perez Hilton, but MuchMusic must be wondering the same thing: Sunday night’s TV ratings show that the CBC’s re-airing of Happy Gilmore drew over twice as many viewers as the MMVAs. MuchMusic’s smaller audience (368,000 viewers versus 801,000 for the CBC) could just as easily be the result of poor promotion as it is a reflection of apathy for the annual awards show—or maybe, on a more superficial level, viewers simply like watching Happy doing his thing. Who said golf was boring?


  • http://undefined Solex

    Maybe people got tired of a crappy former music video channel showing nothing but crappy reality TV shows that mean nothing to anybody showing a bloated awards show that honors idiots like the Jonas Brothers and has them preform! The real music video channel is AUX TV, not Much Music. Not anymore.

  • http://undefined friend68

    I agree with a previously written opinion that if it don’t like MuchMusic it’s because you’re too old and they aren’t making their shows for you anymore.

  • http://undefined tapesonthefloor

    = a dwindling, fractured audience, an old marketing paradigm and a dying medium. These numbers really shouldn’t surprise MM execs in the least.

  • http://undefined Astin

    Let’s see. The MMVA’s were advertised on just about every other CTV-owned station. Except people watching Space don’t give a rat’s ass about the Jonas Brothers. The auto-tuned commercial was unintentionally ironic, but that would be lost on the target demographic.
    And that demo was tweens and teens who would either (a) head down to Queen to be there live, or (b) don’t watch TV and would wait for it to be online.

  • http://undefined rek

    They aren’t making their shows period. Everything’s from MTV or a movie now.

  • http://undefined lunarworks

    If so few watched their highly-promoted annual flagship event, then just who are they making shows for?

  • Karen Whaley

    Yeah I’m linking to my own articles!

  • http://undefined PickleToes

    I wouldn’t have watched it anyway, but if I was planning to, the use of a voicebox in the advertisements would have been sufficient to deter me.

  • http://undefined triplexpac

    This could also be because CBC reaches way more homes than Much Music. I got CBC when I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, using an antenna. To get Much Music you have to pay for some premium cable package.

  • http://undefined katie_chis

    I’m not old (17) and I can’t stand MuchMusic. If they wanted people to watch, maybe they should stop giving awards to Nickelback and treating the Jonas Brothers like a real band?

  • http://undefined katie_chis

    And treating Perez Hilton like some cultural arbiter, while they’re at it.

  • http://undefined rek

    Someone give CBC Radio 3 Much’s license.

  • http://undefined mikeyteeth

    katie despite being only 17, in the eyes of Much Music you are in fact old. Their target demo tops out at about 14.