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Torontoist and the Globe and Mail Partner Up

Torontoist and the Globe and Mail have liked each other so much, for so long, that we’ve decided to finally make it official. As of Friday night, the Globe now has a brand new Toronto section on their website, and as of Friday night, that hub will regularly and prominently feature selected Torontoist content, part of a content-sharing partnership between the two media organizations.
In her announcement of the new hub on the Globe‘s site, Toronto Editor Kelly Grant called Torontoist “the city’s best comprehensive blog” and said that we’ll bring her paper’s readers “intensely local tales from every corner of Toronto, along with listings of events you won’t want to miss”; in a separate statement, she added that the Globe is “delighted to be working with Torontoist.” The feeling’s mutual! The partnership is something that we’ve all been working towards for a long while now, and something we couldn’t be more excited about.


  • Kevin Bracken

    This is the future of media. Kudos

  • Adam Sobolak

    A little like the BlogTO/National Post arrangement, I suppose…

  • Marc Lostracco

    I’m not sure of the details about the BlogTO/National Post agreement, but I believe the deal you mention is that the Post is periodically repurposing some of BlogTO’s restaurant reviews.

  • http://undefined token

    Congrats are definitely in order, but there’s a little part of me that’s upset only because I always felt that Torontoist was my “great secret” that I could tell people about!
    Nonetheless… Bravo.

  • Patrick Metzger

    Excellent news, congrats.

  • http://undefined Robsonian

    You go guys! Co-opt the MSM!
    too bad about that gnarly flash splash that welcomes you to the Toronto section. Flash screams desperation, I think.

  • http://undefined Svend

    Good idea for them, not sure if you get much benefit.
    I think it’s unusual to see a G&M link here or on Spacing, more common to see one to a Star story.
    Does this mean you’ll make a regular feature of DiManno mockery again?
    I hope so!

  • http://undefined dowlingm

    The Notional Pest’s Toronto blogs/podcasts have been terrific lately, at least in volume if you don’t agree with the political slants. I guess the G&M wanted to match and Rob Silver being a blogger of theirs helped make the deal? It’s not an outsource of existing G&Mers right?

  • http://undefined sniderscion

    And to think that 5 months ago Torontoist was almost dead.

  • Karen Whaley

    Amazing news! Congrats.

  • http://undefined jaaaaaaat

    Why are people congratulating?
    Im sure this is a financial thing. I suppose its necessary to keep Torontoist alive.
    But does this mean Torontoist will favor links to the globe + mail over other news outlets?

  • http://undefined rek

    I hope Gothamist is kicking themselves.
    Now, how long until the complaints of no coverage beyond downtown resumes?

  • David Topping

    “Im sure this is a financial thing. I suppose its necessary to keep Torontoist alive.”
    Don’t worry—we’re doing swell.
    “But does this mean Torontoist will favor links to the globe + mail over other news outlets? ”
    Not at this point, no; we’ll continue to link (in Newsstand and elsewhere) as we do now, which is to use whatever source that works best for any given article’s purposes.

  • http://undefined EricSmith

    Now, how long until the complaints of no coverage beyond downtown resumes?

    That’s exactly the kind of pushy, all-about-me attitude that one would expect from ignorant, insular, South-of-Bloor hipster scum.

    (Sorry, I made that as extreme as I could, and it still reads perfectly straight. Imagine me shaking my fist, too, or something.)

  • http://undefined HerbM

    Good for you, but I hope this doesn’t mean you will now feel compelled to go easy on the Globe. For instance, a lot of people are wondering what has happened to John Barber under the new dispensation. He’s the best thing about the Globe’s Toronto coverage. His normal Friday column was nowhere to be found. The Globe has been silent on the matter, but it doesn’t bode well that they’ve given a city column to the reliably neocon Marcus Gee. How about letting us know what’s going on?

  • http://undefined RAZ

    It was reported a few weeks ago that Barber wanted a change of pace from his beat, and switched over to writing for the Review section. So look for him there.

  • http://undefined Astin

    I never understood those complaints. I mean, nothing interesting happens outside of downtown anyway, and it’s also where all the cool kids are.

  • http://undefined rek

    I’ve said as much in the past. In fact I think I went so far as to challenge the complainers to list worthy events the downtown-centric hipsters at Torontoist rudely excluded. Not a single reply.