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Spring Shopping Break

Our favourite pop-up mall, aka the One of a Kind Show, is back in action this week, offering seasonal goods to go with the seasonal change. Despite the recessionary pall, organizers’ spirits were high, and though preliminary attendance figures were not available they were optimistic about the show’s prospects. Craft sales (both the raw materials and the finished products) tend to swell in tough economic times, so the odds seem happily in OOAK’s favour.
As always, we wished the ratio of interesting to cheesy/schlocky/twee was better, but as always we still found plenty of pieces we wanted to bring home, and photographed some of our best finds for your viewing pleasure. Also amongst our faves: Yasmine Louis silkscreens (urban, pensive); Hardboiled‘s graphic tees (bubblefish and rocket ships); Cindy Seto sundresses (which made us immediately long for salt-rimmed glasses and curbside patios); and House of Hsueh circle clutches. Our biggest disappointment was with the “Rising Stars” section, which is set aside for the newest and least established of OOAK’s artisans: the booths are smaller and cheaper to rent, the perfect trial run for young businesses. This time around the section was almost empty though, with just a few tables floating forlornly in a sea of glaringly wide-open space.
Oh, and show-planners: please note that sticking an “April Fools!” sign on a snowman, as though we might forget that we were at the spring OOAK and not the Christmas edition, is totally hilarious. You should open your show on April 1 every year, just so you can reenact this gag. (Seriously, we love you OOAK and say this for your own good: you need better conceived and executed displays.)
The One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale continues at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, until April 5.
All photos by Nick Kozak/Torontoist.


  • http://undefined Skippy the Magical Racegoat

    Question for any One of a Kind Show veterans:
    I’m looking for vintage men’s clothes — nothing fancy, just some decent-quality Western shirts or (non-reprinted) ironic logo tees.
    Is it worth going, or is that not the kind of thing I can expect to find here?

  • http://undefined Hamutal Dotan

    The show is for artisans who have made the things they are selling, so the clothes on offer are either new or reworked vintage (recut, embellished, etc.) If you just want straight-up, undoctored vintage, this wouldn’t be your best bet.

  • rapi

    …and my biggest dissapointment is the crowds infatuation with foxy jewelery…which “one of a kind” IS NOT…you can buy it at shopper’s drugmart…