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Hold It Now And Watch the Hoodwink

There’s something a little funny about the full page ad in this week’s Eye for Joshua Jackson’s new cross-Canada motorcycle movie One Week. Rather than the words of wizened critics, the ad features a page full of quotations from people who seem to have not actually seen the movie. “I am definitely going to watch this!” says one; “It’s going to look amazing on the big screen!” says another; “I agree this looks like a great film” writes a third.
“All of Canada is talking about ONE WEEK*” the ad’s copy exclaims, and—hey, wait, what’s that asterisk for?

Oh yeah: every single bright-red quotation on the page, lauding the film and its actors, is one of the ninety-three YouTube comments on the film’s trailer.
…aaannndd every comment we could find is attributed to the wrong YouTube user.
There you have it. Go see One Week! It’s the film whose trailer no more than 1 in every 360,000 Canadians have left a YouTube comment about.
Photos by Michael Chrisman/Torontoist.


  • http://null rtyler

    I love the idea of using YouTube comments for movie ad quotes. Except for the attribution mistake, I see no problem with this. There is nothing misleading about this ad except the “All of Canada” and “talking” bits, but that kind of jargon is not unusual.

  • Marc Lostracco

    I love it too, and I think it’s intentionally funny, in this case. The problem is that YouTube comments are the armpit of the internet. If they wanted to be accurate, most of the quotes in the ad would say stuff like, “joshua jckason is a fag lol.”

  • http://undefined spacejack

    I hope the ad campaign doesn’t end up being more creative than the movie…

  • http://null ked

    yeah this is pretty clever, maybe too clever -highlighting the lack of critical response for the film.
    he does look good though

  • http://null rek

    I just think it’s bizarre that there’s a Canadian movie, set in Canada no less, getting any commercial/advertising play at all. What’s going on here? Have Canadian studios and distributors realized if you want people to go see a movie you have let them know it exists first?

  • http://null jen_in_toronto

    I saw it earlier this week…thematically obvious and heavy-handed with the emotional platitudes but overall I thought it was enjoyable. And I don’t even like Pacey.

  • http://null montauk

    They should do this for every film. It would be awesome. i.e, The Grudge 2:
    “she maybe had a difficult life but she is killing and making life difficult for others in the grudge 2″
    “now i kinda understand kayako”
    “Yes but she does that because she’s out of her mind and if they hate her she gets even worse. And it’s not exactly her who’s killing other people. It’s the bad spirits she has inside. And it’s all because of her mother. I just feel sad for her.”
    “I hate when people call Kayako a bitch. She’s not a bitch!”
    “She had a difficult life and there’s no one to understand her and to love her. She was too inocent when she was alive. That’s why she got killed …”
    “so kofo, you would kill your wife too if you found that written in her diary, even if she had never even been going out with the guy she liked? You’d kill your wife for that!?”
    “no… I never sed I whoud. I was only explaining why her husband killed her.”
    “hey guys tell me what if the grudge was your sister would you shit your pants or suicide? And What if she did the now jaw tngue stick out part to you would you suicide or run like fuck? I say RUN LIEK FUCK? please answer”

  • http://undefined Miles Storey

    I really hope they intended this to be funny but something tells me they’re hoping people don’t notice the YouTube part…
    I’ve never seen this guy in anything except Fringe, he’s good in that.

  • http://undefined David Topping

    I’m only noticing this now, but weird things are afoot in the comments of the YouTube video too: it looks like Mongrel Media (the distributors of the film, who posted the trailer) may be actively removing critical comments. There’s one I remember from yesterday that was added to it right before I wrote this post that called Joshua Jackson a “hack,” and it’s now missing—and even if that one was removed by the person who posted it or something, the trailer still features page after page of curiously glowing comments with not a single negative one to be found, which is really, really unusual for YouTube.

  • L33tminion

    I like how they edit out “It looks like it might be”, although I suppose creative editing is par for the course in movie blurb quotes.
    Still, it’s an interesting strategy, when your ad basically says “our previous marketing efforts have been at least somewhat successful!”

  • http://null kaijuman

    “It’s going to look amazing on the big screen”
    Ummm… THAT one was mine!

  • http://null kaijuman

    LOL … not that I care. I found it rather amusing more than anything else.
    A good idea though… get’s more of the general public’s opinion.
    (albeit, just the positive ones)

  • http://null remy15

    There have been a lot of positive reviews for the film. They just came out yesterday.

  • http://undefined remy15

    Did you ever think that maybe people are just genuinely interested in seeing the film? And I just looked at the YouTube page and there are comments that aren’t glowing. Just because there aren’t any comments that are super negative or use swear words doesn’t mean that they are removing them.

  • David Topping

    “I just looked at the YouTube page and there are comments that aren’t glowing”
    I don’t believe you.

  • http://null rowrasaur

    Don’t look now, but Digg is checking us out.

  • http://null mandy

    I quite agree with you~