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One Beast of a Redesign

In 2005, Maclean’s—the Canadian newsmagazine—got a redesign. In 2007, Time—the American newsmagazine—got one, too. And Maclean’s, in an editor’s note at the time, pretended to not be pissed off at their American competitor but obviously were, suggesting that Time had swiped all their good new ideas, like “more text, smaller pictures and headlines….black, white, red, yellow type…[and] boxes at the top of the cover with headlines and pictures.”
So, now, this: Maclean’s just unveiled a new layout for their website, and it looks awfully—and unmistakably—similar to the layout for Tina Brown’s big-deal Daily Beast, which has been around with its current look for a good six months now. We’ll leave you to explore the similarities yourself, but you may find that there’s a whole lot more in common than font colours.


  • http://null Taylor Roberts

    Quite a similarity there!
    I used to subscribe to Maclean’s and was happy thereby to support our local talent in my small way, but sadly I stopped. The covers alone always seemed to want to aggravate, and in full colour, they did, week after week. Like Toronto Life, the magazine became unpleasant to receive at any cost.
    Any chance Torontoist might run a print edition? :-)

  • http://undefined davedave

    MacLean’s is so dumbed down.
    And the art direction is atrocious.

  • http://undefined spacejack

    What’s black and white and red all over?

  • http://undefined montauk

    God I hate block-organized front pages. Stick that shit in a sidebar. I should never have to scroll down like an idiot through a bunch of miniature television sets of content. It becomes overwhelming and I start zeroing on on stupid shit that inevitably drives me into the wilderness of duplicate pages and unclear navigation. I clicked on “Porn embarrassment may be tip of iceberg for British Home Secretary” in their “Need To Know” column because I was sucked in by the porn, it took me to an expanded version of the “Need to Know” page revealing that they didn’t actually write the article, and clicking on the title (in expectation of being linked to the real article) shuttles me to a comment page for the useless blurb. Three-click rule, anyone?
    One day I’m going to design a website that looks and acts like Gmail.

  • James D. Schwartz

    Wow, strikingly similar David.
    Similar to Taylor, I subscribed for a year, but the covers were at best controversial.. at worst: deceitful and fear-mongering without any depth to substantiate the statements they were making.
    Anyway, it reminded me a little bit of my favourite newspaper the Toronto Sun so I didn’t renew my subscription.

  • Jonathan Goldsbie

    Ebert blasted the Huffington Post for pretty much the same thing.