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Living Well Is the Breast Revenge

Photo by Jonathan Goldsbie/Torontoist.

What happens when you’re a free daily newspaper and you ditch your few paid staff writers and try to fill their shoes with freelancers and unpaid interns? If you’re Metro, you get an amazing error like this one, in a review of Friday the 13th by Steve Gow in today’s paper:

There’s no mistaking Friday’s intentions—this is definitely for Jason Voorhees fans. Not only does it overplay the thirteen killings (very clever!) that occur over the film’s 97 minutes, but they’re ultimately underwhelming. breasts. In fact, with very little suspense to speak of, Friday the 13th isn’t scary at all…unless of course, you’re a film critic.

The mistake—almost as funny as photo caption jibberish in the Sun and snagged by Torontoist reader Geoffrey Wiseman—is even better on Metro‘s website, where it’s been made grammatically correct though not any more coherent (screenshot here):

There’s no mistaking Friday’s intentions—this is definitely for Jason Voorhees fans. Not only does it overplay the thirteen killings (very clever!) that occur over the film’s 97 minutes, but they’re ultimately underwhelming breasts.

Underwhelming breasts??!! Will Metro‘s awful week never end?


  • http://null MariaPD

    I’m laughing so hard people at the office think I’m crazy… oh, wait a minute, they already thought that. Never mind.

  • Pan Von Sol

    I don’t know what’s funnier. The error or the correction. One thing is for sure though, the presence of underwhelming breasts makes me not want to see this film even more.
    Also, Underwhelming is not a word.
    I know it’s not, cuz I looked it up.
    It’s one of those things I learned in my school…

  • Jonathan Goldsbie

    Ooh, Clive Owen star in new thriller!

  • http://null deadrobot

    To be fair, my “fhgfhgfhgfhg” spotting was in the Complimentary Sun Newspaper. You get what you pay for!

  • http://null Gauldar

    Underwhelming Breasts… I think I saw that movie. Seth Green is in it right?

  • http://undefined ked

    nah – Seth’s breasts are whelming

  • Steve Keys

    You, Sir, win for the Sloan lyric.

  • veektah

    @Jonathan Goldsbie: haha, how come no one mentioned that?

  • http://undefined h


  • http://null EricSmith

    CORRECTION: the word “breasts” did not replace another, more appropriate word in a Metro movie review. The word “breasts” was there on the page all along and just showed through unaltered. An earlier version of this blog entry may have suggested otherwise.

    (A better word might have been “fnord.” A more experienced mentor could presumably have taught the interns this.)

  • sesquiotic

    I laughed out loud! And I used to work for Metro, way back when they first started in TO…
    But re: “underwhelming is not a word”:
    If you learned this in school, switch schools. Or at least don’t believe everything you “learn.” A couple of important points: a) Dictionaries are field guides, not legislation; they report what people are using words, they don’t dictate. “Underwhelming” is widely used and understood as a word. It is, consequently, a word. b) Get yourself a better dictionary. You don’t have to go to the Oxford English Dictionary; try just checking It’s there. It’s in quite a few other dictionaries. Where did you look it up, anyway?

  • http://undefined Greg Smith

    ^ Sense of humour fail

  • Marc Lostracco


  • http://undefined Pan Von Sol

    Your troll-fu is weak…

  • http://null badbhoy

    Give him a break. The song is 15 years old and not exactly well-known.

  • http://null montauk

    I would like to send $5 to Torontoist for covering this.

  • sesquiotic

    Somehow I missed that. So used to seeing people say things exactly like that about words, in earnest, that I hadn’t twigged that it was a reference to a song. 15 years ago? I was in grad school in Boston and somehow everyone was playing ’80s music…
    OK, never mind.

  • http://null tizzy

    I’m an intern at the Metro thank you very much and to put that mistake ON an intern is stupid and judgmental. A) They DIDN’T fire all their staff and hire a bunch of interns (it’s made up of more than four editorial staff and two sales) and B)Each and every writing we put out (if it gets put out) gets scrutinized by our supervisors…so frankly you can’t blame the intern (if it was in fact an intern who wrote the piece) you can blame whoever edited it!
    Seriously now, we all make mistakes. And the fact that we’re interns doesn’t mean we’re not as good as the paid staff, it just means we’re still learning the business. EVERYBODY starts down at the bottom of the food chain.

  • http://null montauk

    And I’m your supervisor at Metro. You were supposed to have the airport piece couriered to me several days ago, Taryn, and I’m still waiting for it. Now it appears you don’t have time for the press but you’ve certainly made goddamn time for the blogs. If you can’t handle the responsibilities of this opportunity, I’m pretty sure a high school student volunteer could – and I won’t have to pay for their transportation and coffee. They have moms.