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A Bin of a Different Colour

Do you think you know what items go into the blue bin, what items go into the green bin, and which things go into the garbage? You don’t. Even if you’ve studied the charts in the collection calendar, attended several meetings of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, read all the municipal news all the time, you don’t. Sorry.
Toronto’s Solid Waste Management, like most City services, is a funny thing, with eccentricities and nuances that transform residents’ good intentions into landfill-clogging mistakes; that is, even if you think you’re doing the right thing by sorting your trash, there’s a good chance you’re grouping the refuse incorrectly. What’s accepted into what stream is almost arbitrary, determined by quirks of technology as much as the composition of our parliament is determined by quirks of geography. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. The 70% waste diversion goal is a worthy one and warrants the effort to keep up on the what-goes-where rules as best you can.
One way to do that is by watching the above routine by the comedy duo of Mihevc and De Baeremaeker, in which the calm, bespectacled ex-professor becomes the student of the wacky ex-environmental activist in the lime green shirt. You will groan when you see the running time, but you will feel enlightened, and edutained, when it is over.


  • http://null bbpsi

    Well, I can now say that I’m more confused than ever.
    If I got anything from this video, it’s that to achieve anywhere near the city’s waste reduction goals recycling and composting has to be way, way, way simpler.
    What I heard was, “Here’s some plastic, thisis great to put in the blue bin! Uh oh, here’s some differet plastic! Let’s throw this out because we can’t put it in the blue bin, I know you can’t see the difference in this low quality video clip but someday it won’t matter! Not today though!”