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Sound and Fury, Signifying…?

When Iggy took the podium today he was full of fire and brimstone, sternly taking the Conservative government to task for its recent shenanigans. “We hold them responsible for telling us there would no recession when the rest of the world was already taking action…this is a record of reckless, arrogant, and short-sighted government.” Strong stuff. Those who hoped that this language meant the Liberals would reject the Tories’ new budget proposal were in for a rude awakening, however, as Ignatieff then toned his rhetoric down dramatically and introduced the crucial caveat: “But here is the point—the budget also contains important concessions…These measures are only in the budget because the opposition parties did their job.” This afternoon in Parliament, Ignatieff introduced an amendment to the budget, meant to “put this government on probation”—it requires that the government issue updates in March, June, and December on the implementation of the stimulus package. Question Period is ongoing at this time, and Ignatieff is facing far more severe challenges from one-time coalition partners in the Bloc and NDP than from the Tories. The Conservatives appear poised to accept the amendment: Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry Mike Lake just took to the floor to thank the Liberals for their support.


  • http://null McKingford

    The Liberals continue to astonish in their fecklessness. If there is a more unctuous phony in politics than Michael Ignatieff I haven’t seen it.
    How pathetic is this: he could be Prime Minister! But he’d rather support Stephen Harper. I guess he must think Harper would do a better job.
    And there are serious problems with the budget that the Liberals *should* have irreconcilable problems with – infrastructure depends on provincial and municipal inputs, pay equity clawbacks remain, and EI improvements are woeful.
    But Iggy, rather than making his support contingent on improvements in any of these areas (which would at least give him the veneer of caring, or looking resolute), will be satisfied with report cards – and 3 months down the road, without the prospect of a coalition staring him in the face, Harper won’t give a shit about report cards and will be happy with an election.
    Just when I thought the Liberals had surpassed all expectations of ridiculousness, they pull another one out of the hat. Long live the Tory/Iggy coalition…

  • http://undefined rek

    So much for a taste of democracy for Canada.