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Maple Leaf Recall Extended, Olympics Wind Down, TTC Increases Fines

The Maple Leaf Foods meat recall has been extended to encompass more than 200 products made by the Toronto facility, and is expected to cost upwards of $20 million. In completely unrelated news, millions of Canadians have decided that maybe they’re just going to have a salad for lunch today.
The Beijing Olympics have finally drawn to a close, and the games have been receiving mixed reviews. Torontoist also has mixed feelings about the Olympics, because while on the one hand they arguably represent the pinnacle of human athletic achievement, on the other hand we kinda missed watching Coronation Street.
The other Barenaked Ladies frontman, Ed Robertson, is making news after surviving a plane crash in Bancroft. The Star is reporting that Robertson, a licensed pilot, was flying the plane. It’s unclear whether this brush with death will inspire Robertson to re-grow that awesome high-top fade he used to wear, but let’s hope.
This weekend Barack Obama announced that his (somewhat controversial) choice for the Vice-Presidency would be Democratic Senator Joe Biden. John McCain’s political advisors criticized Obama for not considering Hillary Clinton for the position, though when asked if they would consider a woman such as Ms. Clinton as a running mate for McCain they simultaneously shuddered and rolled their eyes.
The TTC has decided to make life harder for foul-mouthed, spit-happy, boombox-totin’, fare-evading, feet-on-the-seat, littering passengers by increasing fines for all kinds of anti-social behaviour. For now, the TTC’s current complement of 95 special constables will be responsible for enforcing the new rules, but the good news is that there will hopefully be 176 constables by 2011. So, you may be able to get away with being a jerk on the bus for now, but just you wait a few years!
Photo of the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony by rich115.


  • David Toronto

    When I was a schoolboy, I was on the St. Clair streetcar in the 1950s and a group of young students was acting up in the back of the car. The driver stopped and went to the back and demanded their student TTC IDs.
    Further along the route an inspector took the passes and the students then would have to go to the principal’s office the next day with an explanation and apology.
    Behaviour in public transit vehicles lies with both camps–the passengers and the transit employees.
    Sadly, nowadays, I believe transit officials and employees are afraid to discipline people and take away their passes and IDs for fear of violence to themselves.
    Passengers have simply not learned the rules of courtesy.
    When was the last time a TTC operator confiscated a person’s pass or ID from an erratic passenger?