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Small Swimmers Sick, Stadium Surroundings Swarmed, Stephen Surpasses Stéphane

Four children aged approximately 8 to 9 years old were taken to hospital yesterday after ingesting or coming into contact with a pool cleaning agent—believed to be muriatic acid—at a Royal Canadian Yacht Club swimming pool yesterday. For those of you unfamiliar with the name “muriatic acid,” you will be relieved to find out that it’s just another name for plain old hydrochloric acid. Aren’t you relieved?
The area surrounding the Rogers Centre was beset yesterday by road closures and traffic congestion in anticipation of the Buffalo Bills’ preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. CityNews advised NFL fans wishing to join the festivities to make use of the TTC rather than try to drive to the stadium, saying: “…in this case, the TTC may be the Only Way to answer the question ‘are you ready for some football?’” Wait—are you guys sure that works? Q: “Are you ready for some football?” A: “The TTC.” Yep, that works.
A recent Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicates that Canadians believe the Conservatives are more fit to lead the country than the Liberals. 43% of respondents said that Stephen Harper was the best leader for the country, while only 22% picked the Liberals and Stéphane Dion. Maybe we’ll find out what the voters really think if we actually have an election.
Despite the recent surge in gasoline prices, Statistics Canada announced that Canadians actually drove more last year than they did in 2002, an increase of 5.2% for a total of 332 billion kilometres driven. We must keep in mind, however, that Mississauga is a very big city and the malls are very far apart, so let’s not judge everyone too harshly.
House prices continue to decline everywhere in the country (an average 3.6% decline since July of last year) prompting worried speculation about an “accelerating trend.” For those of you who got excited thinking that perhaps now you’ll be able to afford a place in Toronto, don’t be ridiculous. Toronto’s the only place in the country house prices are still rising, with an increase of 1.5% over July of last year. The good news is, renting is better because you don’t have to mow the lawn!
Photo of last night’s sunset by bribriTO from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.


  • WannaBinToranna

    “Whoa, Doc, I don’t any of that muriatic acid in MY pool”
    “Why, don’t be alarmed, Jim, muriatic acid is just simple, everyday, table salt”.

  • rek

    Stéphane Dion isn’t fit to lead for the simple reason that he refuses to be a leader. He won’t stand up against the Cons and their bullshit, so how could he possibly offer an alternative?
    Be ready for a Con majority next time around, and you can thank Dion and the morons who picked him for it.

  • Gauldar

    2006 was a bad year for the Liberal leadership convention. I remember Michael Ignatieff had a good amount of support. He’s smart guy, but unfortunatly didn’t know when to shut up. First he stated that “I’m not going to lose sleep over that,” when Israel bombed a Lebanese village which angred people due to the deaths of two Quebecers in that bombing. Second, he changed his stance and said Israel had commited a war crime regarding that bombing which had happened and pissed off the Jewish community. The chain of events and poor choice of words allowed Dion to take the lead.

  • mrs

    Maneesh, you 1st paragraph made me laugh so much. Thanks!

  • mrs

    Sorry, i meant your 2nd paragraph. 1st one was good too though…

  • toronno

    I like the picture of the sunset. Was that taken from Jazz on Church Street?