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More Medals For Canada, Some Victims For Scammers, Less Musharraf For Pakistan

Canada increased its medal count yesterday at the Beijing Olympics with medals in trampoline and triathlon, as well as a silver medal in the Equestrian team jumping event. It was a real team effort, and everyone gets a medal…except for the horses who did all the damn work. Sure, the horses will tell you that they do it for the love of the sport, but a little recognition never hurts, you know?
A man with links to an alleged terrorist cell in Toronto was convicted by a British jury yesterday. Aabid Khan, aka Abu Omar and “Ocean Blue,” was convicted for possessing a number of “terrorist how-to manuals,” including books about bomb-building and the manufacturing of poison—wait, one of his aliases is “Ocean Blue“?!
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation from office yesterday, allegedly to avoid impeachment proceedings. Most people don’t know this, but it is actually illegal for journalists to write about Musharraf without employing the phrase “seized power in a bloodless coup.”
The TTC is considering the installation of barriers around drivers in the wake of yesterday’s hammer attack on a TTC bus driver. Until the barriers are installed, don’t be surprised if your driver eyes you suspiciously when you board the bus with a Home Depot or Canadian Tire bag.
The Canada Revenue Agency is warning Canadians that scam artists are sending out letters on “authentic-looking letterhead,” the phony letters asking potential victims to send in financial information to an email address or fax number. Police say you can spot the fakes by holding a suspect letter up to a light source, carefully examining it, and then remembering that the real CRA doesn’t have to ask for your money because they can just take it. Also, for future reference, you can always throw out any mail you get from the “government,” because it’s definitely fake.
Photo of Olympic silver medalist Ian Millar by hippo-po.


  • torontothegreat

    It’s about time Musharraf left. More concerned for power then responsibility and now being accused of some of the same things that he accused Sharif of years earlier.
    > Until the barriers are installed, don’t be surprised if your driver eyes you suspiciously when you board the bus with a Home Depot or Canadian Tire bag.
    Nicely done.

  • mantisory

    what, are the horses going to chew on a medal?

  • David Toronto

    No immunity for Musharraf.
    Let him sit in his country afraid to travel
    lest he be “Pinocheted” in another country
    and tried by the International Courts.

  • jordan_darnell

    Ocean Blue is a catchy song by Alphabeat – any idea if this dude’s eye’s are blue?

  • antiboy

    I feel like I’m reading a recap of an episode of 24! Awesome!

  • bbpsi

    Barriers for TTC operators, at least insofar as they are being tested, can already be seen in the wild.
    A streetcar I rode recently featured such a thing. Unsurprisingly, the operator left it wide open. I suspect it feels rather strange to be encased in acrylic while doing your job.