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Tragedy For Spanair, Suspicious Package Scare, We’re Bottled Water Aware

More than 150 people have died after a plane bound for the Canary Islands crashed in Madrid yesterday. The plane failed in its first attempt to take off and passengers were initially told they might have to disembark in order to board a new plane. 19 people survived.
One person has died and at least 16 others are ill in the aftermath of a listeriosis outbreak. The outbreak is believed to have originated at the Maple Leaf Foods plant in Toronto. Maple Leaf products have been recalled, and the plant has been temporarily shut down.
Mayor David Miller is reportedly considering a ban on the sale of bottled water, following a similar announcement by the City of London on Monday. Mayor Miller said that the city’s tap water was “more pure than the leading brand of bottled water,” which would be a more impressive statement if “Randy’s Home-Brewed Bottled Water” weren’t Mayor Miller’s choice for “leading brand.”
According to a Statistics Canada report, fewer teenagers are having sex these days than they were back in the mid-nineties. The CBC says the decline is attributable to young women, as “the proportion who reported having had intercourse decreased from 51 per cent in 1996 to 43 per cent in 2005.” While parents are encouraged by these developments, teenage boys initially responded with an angry “no comment” before eventually acknowledging that they were “pretty pissed about the situation.”
CityNews reported that a suspicious package was secured and removed without incident yesterday from the parking lot of North York General Hospital by Toronto Police. The article noted: “Most of these kinds of incidents rarely end up being anything serious and police tend to downplay them to avoid copycats.” Toronto Police responded by saying: “Hey CityNews, thanks so much for helping us downplay this incident. It will really help us to avoid copycats.”
Photo by Earl – What I Saw 2.0.


  • David Toronto

    CITY news has become more tiresome because of
    its zealous law and order platform and the
    enthusiastic cheerleader, Mark Dailey.
    Sadly, Dailey sounds like the Toronto Sun when
    he reports some of the crime stories and goes
    so far as to use the term “perv” for sexual
    That term is straight out of the Sun and it
    shows bias. He should know better. But maybe
    that’s a holdover from his boyhood days in
    Then there’s Richard Maddan who doesn’t know yet
    how to report without slant and courtesy.
    Frances De Souza is better than Richard anyday
    on any subject and handles reports with more
    Maybe CITY should start consider Canadian
    talent for news reporting. It’s going the
    way of any Eyewitness news and that’s a
    sad state of affairs.
    Almost down to the leagues of CFRB.

  • bigdaddyhame

    So the teen sex survey noted a drop in the number of girls who admitted to having had sex while the numbers for boys stayed the same – this indicates that girls are concentrating on their studies a bit more and they have learned to delegate adolescent fumblings to a select few. Boys, take a look at this year’s yearbook entries for girls vote “most likely to become the town bike.” … there may be less of them to play with but the ones who are left are easier.

  • PickleToes

    Sadly, Dailey sounds like the Toronto Sun when
    he reports some of the crime stories and goes
    so far as to use the term “perv” for sexual

    What’s wrong with that?

  • andrew

    Looking quickly at the wikipedia definition of pervert, actually I don’t see much grounds for too much criticism of Dailey’s use of the word. The slang, however, is grating; as if any reporter would use “cheddar” when referring to money in a serious crime story.

  • accozzaglia

    PickleToes asketh: “What’s wrong with that?”
    Not so much wrong or right: “sexual offender” is a general descriptor used by news agencies (CP, AP, Reuters, etc.) and specified by their usage stylebooks, whereas “perv” is ad hominen slang. Further, some people, in the context of consensual sex, actually like calling themselves “pervs” without it having anything to do with sexual offences or predatory behaviour, whereas few people would willingly call themselves a “sexual offender” under any circumstance.

  • accozzaglia

    Uh, ad hominen == ad hominem. Sorry about that, all.

  • Mark Ostler

    Using slang like “perv” is unprofessional and sensationalistic.

  • PickleToes

    The only problem I can see is that injects opinion into what is supposed to be unbiased news. But with radical spin outlets like the CBC and Fox News the use of the word “perv” is one of the smaller instances of unprofessionalism.

  • tashadoll

    banning the sale of bottled water in toronto is rediculous. what about htose of us on the run want a water but don’t have access to a tap or glass? must we drink juice or pop istead? rediculous.

  • andrew

    Ok, Dailey can say “perv” all he wants if the misspelling “rediculous” disappears forever and ever from my life.

  • meredi

    Does anyone know if the number of water fountains in TO has decreased since bottled water became more popular? I didn’t live here before but it does feel like it’s almost impossible to find a working fountain these days.

  • Elisa Jed

    It makes sense they wouldn’t want to scare the public. But I understand that it really wasn’t a big deal about the Calgary water. Hopefully, I am right.