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Firefighter Dies, Montreal Riots, Offenders Monitored

Senior firefighter Robert Leek died yesterday and Sunrise Propane company employee Parvinder Saini is still missing following yesterday’s explosions and blaze at a fuel facility near Wilson and Keele. Many residents were able to return to their homes on Sunday evening, though up to 3,000 residents were prevented from doing so because of concerns over asbestos.
Two Montreal police officers were injured—including one officer shot in the leg—during a riot this weekend in a northern Montreal neighbourhood. The mayhem started in response to the death of a teenager shot by police after a group of twenty youths surrounded and rushed the officers. Surely this riot will be the end of it and we’ll hear no more about this issue.
The Feds are set to announce a pilot project today that will electronically monitor high-risk offenders who are on parole or statutory release, using an ankle-bracelet loaded with GPS technology. Violent offenders lobbied hard, yet unsuccessfully, for the more fashionable wrist bracelet.
Soul pioneer/animated chef/Portishead sample material/scientologist Isaac Hayes was found dead in his home on Sunday. He was a baaaaad mother—and he will be missed.
After a weekend of thoroughly depressing news, we’re happy to inform you that scientists are finally one step closer to “developing materials that could render people and objects invisible.” That only leaves 3,140,943 steps to go! It’s great news for international spies and rich peeping toms, though.
Photo by Gene’s from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.


  • Gauldar

    Not a very happy weekend. Disapointed I am at our progress with invisiblity technology, how else are we going to get ahead of those alien bastards at this rate? I mean, look what they did to Isaac! Damn those aliens.

  • trevor

    Actually, Glory Box samples Ike’s Rap II/Help Me Love not Walk On By. You might be thinking of Wu-Tang’s I Can’t Go To Sleep

  • Maneesh Mohindra

    @ trevor: ah, crap. Normally I pride myself on my sample-spotting abilities but dammit you got me. Serves me right for going from my (faulty) memory rather than double-checking. Thanks.

  • rek

    I wonder if Hayes spent much time on Scientology’s cancer boat.

  • rek

    And how eerie was it seeing the traffic cameras on CP24 cycle through the 401 set, showing nothing but empty lanes in both directions?

  • Gauldar

    blue asbestos? Hmm, I’m surprised the e-meter didn’t pick that up. CURSE YOU XENU! CURSE YOU!

  • nate88

    your regular template of sarcastic last lines certainly doesn’t work for the first item today. RIP.

  • Gauldar

    Yeah, he should have left that one out. Honestly though, if I croaked I’d expect at least one person on the internet would make a snarky comment about me, then forget I ever existed. Meh.