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The Daily Photoist: July 14, 2008

Every weekday morning, bright and early, we feature a photo (or two) from a photographer in the Torontoist Flickr Pool. It’s our way of giving the many excellent photographers in our pool the attention that they deserve.

She told me to ask her mom



  • rocketeer

    speaking of the dude who married Sarah Polley…
    I’m not the only one who sees it, right?

  • atomeyes99

    ^ i thought that was the point of the picture. thought it WAS sarah polley.
    since it isn’t, i kind of am confused why this is worthy of a daily photoist photo.
    its…a picture of a girl.
    like, go to myspace or facebook to see the same sort of photo (but usually with the ubiquitous red cup in the background)

  • David Topping

    I chose it because it’s an interesting, funny, awkward, well-composed, nice-looking photo. The description on the photo’s Flickr page, which adds a bit of context—the guy in the background is the girl’s dad, and her mom had to grant the photographer permission to take the shot—makes it even better. I like that it’s a little bit uncomfortable.
    If I wanted to really force the issue, I also like how unnatural and forced the girl’s pose and expression seem—something you don’t often see in posed portraits—and I like how that lends itself to thinking about the way photography and photographers influence a scene rather than just capture it. There’s a whole lot more to that: Laura Mulvey’s feminist critique of film, for instance, sees film as male-dominated, always focusing on the female as the object of the shot and the male gaze as controlling the scene…but here’s a girl who is very uncomfortable being the object of the shot.
    Anyway, I liked it right away.

  • Gloria

    Kinda weird that a photo has to be judged for its star value to be interesting.
    I enjoy the fact the subject is so unremarkable (“some girl”) that you need to think more about the photo to glean a story and the reason you should be looking at it.
    If this was another photo of a sunset or city skyline, a lot of people would marvel at how pretty and picturesque it is, and move on. A lot of those kind of photos, I think, are way more forgettable.

  • Jill Murray

    I can see a lot of things going on in this photo. Crop out dad, and it could be a cover illustration for a YA novel.

  • David Toronto

    The air of “little girl awkwardness” is so unlike
    Ms Polley.

  • PickleToes

    This is Sarah Polley. She’s looking a little glum because she just figured out that the word “Democratic” doesn’t really have any place in the name of a party like the NDP.