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Wild Toronto: Goldenrod vs. Ragweed

Wild Toronto is a bi-weekly comic strip about the animals and plants that make a living in our city. Rosemary Mosco makes the comics, and would love to hear your suggestions (in the comments!) on wildlife to be profiled.


  • Svend

    Go ragweed!
    heh heh

  • pamela

    You’ll need to let your loyal public know if you’ll release a book of these some day (or already have). I love them! :)

  • scientz

    I don’t care who does it, I’m still allergic to both.
    Ragweed is pretty suspicious, though.

  • ambrose

    I love learning from these things.

  • Rosemary Mosco

    I haven’t made a little book yet, but I’m planning on it! I’ll let you guys know when it’s done.

  • David Newland

    Cripes, finally! I have been waiting for years for someone to come to goldenrod’s defense.
    Maybe sometime you’ll discuss the ailanthus, aka “tree of heaven” and it’s less-than-heavenly smell… a unique signifier of Toronto even if it’s an invader.

  • rek

    With the beaches open, perhaps we can get some marine life editions. You know, if there’s anything still living in the lake.

  • Brenda Bowyer

    Rosemary – I’d love to talk to you about the comics. Great way to teach kids about nature.

    Brenda Bowyer
    WNIT Public Television
    producer, Outdoor Elements