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A Different Score For Problem Gamblers?

Not satisfied with the long odds currently on offer at Ontario’s casinos, problem gamblers have found a new way to probably not win an obscene amount of money. According to the CBC, problem gamblers who have voluntarily excluded themselves from casinos are filing a $3.5 billion lawsuit against the OLG, claiming that the system that is intended to keep them out of casinos doesn’t work.
The gamblers identify themselves to casinos under the “self-exclusion” program, which photographs and registers voluntary participants. The unwilling patrons, whose information is stored at every provincial casino, can be arrested for trespassing under the system. Unfortunately for many, the casinos don’t seem to be too picky about who they will allow to give them all their dough, and many who signed up for the program still seem to be able to make it through the gates. The CBC story notes that the OLG has historically argued that it is up to individuals to refrain from visiting casinos, which is the only way to escape the neon claws of Gamblor.
In the event that the problem gamblers win the suit, Torontoist can only hope the casinos will pay out in style—perhaps a shower of 3.5 billion loonies?
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  • Vincent Clement

    The problem gamblers should have stopped themselves from filing the lawsuit since the lawsuit itself is a form of gambling.
    So much for individual responsibility.

  • rocketeer

    Common sense would dictate this get filed under lawsuits that are hilarious, but if it does get off the ground do casinos really have to worry? How long does it take for someone to blow $3.5 billion on slots?
    Sidenote about the article: is facial recognition technology really necessary when you can just do something simple like card people?