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Military Pride, Flaherty Claims Empty Pockets, Spain Won Some Game Or Something

pridedancin.jpgMembers of the Canadian Armed Forces marched in the Toronto Pride Parade yesterday, the first time that they have done so. This confirms, once and for all, that the massive international homosexual conspiracy does in fact attempt to recruit youth to their lifestyle. (Also, there is an enlistment bonus if you are willing to be gay in Afghanistan while carrying a rifle.)
So, remember all that money Jim Flaherty promised to municipalities to help with public transit and the like in last year’s budget? It kinda hasn’t shown up yet. Flaherty noted that this was unforgivable, and that in the 2008 budget, there is even more money muncipalities will never see. And just wait till 2009!
Canada’s record of innovation is not good, says a thinktank sort of a thing, of which Torontoist has never heard before, but presumably they’re important. Let us just check Wikipedia for a second. Yep, they look important! So we’re bad, then.
82 percent of canadians oppose the Iraq War. Proving once again that Canadians can really get behind being right in the first place, if you give us a few years.
And finally, Spain won the Euro Cup yesterday. But if you live on St. Clair West, you probably knew that already.
Photo (not of gay soldiers, but close!) by Trevor Haldenby.


  • apetimberlake

    I don’t mind going to pride…
    If there is nothing else to do in the city i will check out the parade..I find it pretty fun and a good time.
    But there is no way in hell i would bring anyone under 18 to pride.
    As much as I would love for it to be a family outing there are vendors selling gay porn, naked men and woman all over the place.
    I would try and tame it a little bit if you want famlies to celebrate.

  • Marc Lostracco

    While I agree that there are elements of Pride that are questionable as far as children are concerned (not too many, however), there is a fantastic children’s area at Church Street Public School, both inside and outside the building. There are hundreds of kids there—face painting, train rides, jumping castle, free food, bands, etc.
    I personally don’t have a problem with children seeing nudity, however (in a generic, non-sexual context). I didn’t watch the parade this year, but I did walk up and down the street and I didn’t see anything objectionable, but I did see loads of kids enjoying themselves.

  • shoeparty

    “vendors selling gay porn, naked men and woman all over the place.”
    When was the last time you went to a Pride event? Pride is run by a legitimate, not-for-profit organization that has grown exponentially over the last decade, and that organization has worked hard to have the events mirror the changing landscape of queer life. At this Pride, I saw exactly one pair of ass-less chaps, but did manage to trip over the wheels of multiple baby carriages.

  • henryevil

    Oof, I live all the way up in North York and there were still the car honkers and Spain enthusiasts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • El_Zorro

    henryevilOof, I live all the way up in North York and there were still the car honkers and Spain enthusiasts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Let’s cut the Malarkey…you secretly wish you were Spanish.

  • http://undefined Natalie

    Considering there were actually military people in that parade, you might have posted a pic of a real one, instead of that pair of scantily clad ‘lieutenant colonels’. I was one of the Canadian Forces participants, and damn proud to be there. You have done me, the other participants of the parade, and every single LGBT member of the CF a huge disservice by posting that shite picture. Thank you VERY MUCH!