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It’s pretty much accepted fact that garage sales are in the top ten of all things awesome. And any time a business does one, like the TRANZAC is this Saturday, it only adds to that awesomeness.
The sale will feature a few items from the Toronto club’s vault, including old sound equipment, musical instruments, vintage beer memorabilia, and a myriad of found items from their lost and found. There have also been hints of a didgeridoo auction! The TRANZAC has a rich history of shows and events in Toronto, and given that this is the first event of this kind they have held, Torontoist expects there to be quite a few gems among the usual crap you tend to find at a garage sale.
They are labelling this a 40th anniversary event, but according to the website the TRANZAC was established at this location in 1971. Apparently, the board of directors discovered that they officially became known as the TRANZAC (as opposed to the more wordy Australian New Zealand Club in Toronto, or “ANZCIT”) in 1968. Sure? Really, we’ll take any excuse to go to a garage sale.
The sale starts at 8 a.m. Satuday, May 31 at the TRANZAC, located at 292 Brunswick Avenue.
Photo of Dan Werb and Paul Banwatt from Woodhands, Laura Barrett, and others up to no good at the TRANZAC by The CMJ


  • rek

    Didgeridoo? The one I have is too small at the mouth, maybe I’ll stop by.