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City Takes On Tree-Related Crime, Bernier Embarrassed But Secretly Proud, Myanmar Suffering

The Star reports that many nightclubs are flouting city bylaws by allowing patrons to smoke inside their premises. I wonder if that’s really the most pressing problem down in Toronto’s little Gomorrah on Richmond Street.
The city has chopped down nineteen healthy trees in a park near Don Mills and Leslie in a strategy designed to reduce teen loitering and drug dealing by making parts of the park more visible from the road. No malefactors will go unpunished when landscaping and law enforcement work hand in hand.
Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier is in hot water with the opposition over an ex-girlfriend who had one-time ties to the the Hell’s Angels. Bernier has said that he had no idea of the woman’s criminal connections until after their breakup, and that Bob Rae was just jealous because he doesn’t get to date smokin’ hot biker chicks.
In Myanmar, the death toll from Cyclone Nargis could rise to over 100,000, in part because the ruling junta has been reluctant to allow international aid into the country. To make matters worse, a Red Cross ship loaded with desperately needed relief supplies sank over the weekend. If karma’s trying to punish Myanmar’s military rulers, it’s using way too blunt of an instrument. If you want to help, you can donate here or here.
Canada remains on top in the IIHF World Hockey Championships after embarassing Germany 10–1 in Halifax on Saturday, almost making up for the fact that there are no Canadian teams still playing for the Stanley Cup.
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  • uskyscraper

    I know it’s nice to leave the trees alone, but there is some good thinking behind the more arborcide = less homicide theory. Bryant Park in New York was a complete mess of drugs and petty crime after hours until the mid 90s, when the landscaping around the perimeter was ripped out to make the space much more visible from the street. They put in a lot of great streetscape and landscape improvements to make up for the lost hedges and of course made a million other changes to how the park operates, but opening up the sightlines was a big factor in the incredible success of the renovation.

  • davedave

    That tree-cutting story is outrageous. They couldn’t spend 5 grand for some lights? Or have the cops actually bother to patrol on foot?
    The dealers will simply go further into the darkness -are they going to cut all the trees down?
    This city is getting more retarded by the second.

  • spacejack

    “The densest club district in North America.” They should adopt that as their slogan.

  • Kevin Bracken

    Spacejack: They could if it were actually true. That stat is based on an old map of the District and includes dozens of clubs that are now closed.
    Does Adam Vaughan knows this, or will he simply continue to repeat the old stats? Only time will tell.

  • David E

    . . . densest club district in North America . . .
    I’m thinking that the “densest” applies also to some of the patrons of the clubs.
    Judging from the police reports, it’s not too calm an area. One suggestion was to increase the lighting in the area. Great idea–but it doesn’t do anything about the dim-bulb patrons.

  • rek

    I’ve figured it out! Tear down all the buildings in the club district and the stabbings and drug dealing there will stop!

  • dowlingm

    Nuke the park from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…