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Miller In Gun Battle, TCSB Trustees Whine, Nations To Bicker Over Climate Change Windfall

David Miller’s plan to ban recreational shooting ranges in the city of Toronto is arousing ire from shooting enthusiasts, who argue that banning air guns and single-shot target rifles isn’t going to decrease gun violence. A representative from a suburban range said their members come from all walks of life, including homemakers, students, professionals, and those friendly Crip boys who always bring their own guns.
Toronto Catholic School Board trustees have tentatively agreed to stop stealing stuff if Kathleen Wynne will just leave them alone, but it looks as though the province will probably take over anyway.
Delegations from Canada, the US, Russia, Norway, and Denmark met in Greenland to discuss the tragedy of global warming and also who gets to keep all the oil that might be under the melting Arctic ice. Silver lining and all that.
The Harper government is being asked how classified documents could go missing for five weeks without anyone noticing after recently resigned Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier left them at the apartment of ex-girlfriend Julie Couillard. The PM denied any problem, pointing out that Couillard’s home had a lock on the door.
A report says that Canadian manufacturers could actually benefit from higher oil prices, which make it more expensive to import goods from overseas. Let’s get those factories humming, boys…oh, wait—oil prices dropped today. Shut ‘em down again.
Photo by A Boy and His Bike.


  • dowlingm

    which will be a reality first – no more guns in Toronto (note I didn’t say a “gun ban”) or samosas in our food carts?

  • x_the_x

    The food cart debacle nicely illustrates the incompetence of the ruling class at council (a few days after a renewed push for “strong mayor” powers, as well). Yet Miller’s fans still insist that the city is efficient and there is little wasted spending.

  • Vincent Clement

    Miller is a dud. His solution to gun violence is to punish law-abiding citizens by banning recreational shooting ranges. Meanwhile, gangs roam freely. Wonderful stuff David.
    How can people in Toronto be so, well, stupid?

  • rek

    I don’t recall there being a “ban gun ranges” point under Miller on the mayoral ballot, so how can you possibly believe Torontonians (Miller-voters) saw this coming on election day?

  • Robin Rix

    The irony is that David Miller is on record — quoted by Michael Prue in the Ontario Legislature, no less — as having said in 2005 that Toronto doesn’t need a strong mayor system, it needs a strong mayor.
    I’m not necessarily opposed to a strong mayor system, but his change in opinion is uncanny.

  • PickleToes

    Vincent Clement: You said it so I didn’t have to. Yay!

  • Jonathan Goldsbie

    Robin: He said the exact same thing to the people at my table at a consultation on the then-forthcoming City of Toronto Act, at the St. Lawrence Market about three years ago. I’ve felt personally betrayed and let Miller know it when I deputed at the Policy and Finance Committee about two years ago, on the sweeping changes that were proposed then. He was, not unexpectedly, unmoved.

  • Green Sulfur

    Miller was swayed by the findings of two blue ribbon panels. Agree or disagree with his new position but at least it’s informed by “frontroom” politics instead of “backroom” politics.
    Now on the gun thing: Vincent, Pickles and the rest who say that Miller is only targeting legal gun owners are being completely disingenuous (though it wouldn’t surprise me if Pickles’s defense was “I really didn’t know”).
    Making an overt attempt to rid our city of any culture that finds gun use acceptable is only a part of Miller’s plan. Miller has also petitioned for tighter border controls, a ban on fire arms across Canada and mandatory minimum sentences (with reverse onus bail) for people caught with illegal guns.
    Moreover, Miller has successfully lobbied the provincial government for the resources to set up a well-resourced police task force (TAVIS) to get at “gangs and guns” and has worked with the police chief to redeploy as many police officers as possible so there are more cops in neighbourhoods.
    And to round out the Miller strategy, he has convened all three levels of government and the social services sector to create/fund/deliver programs and jobs that will improve opportunities for people — particularly young people — in Toronto’s most under-serviced and impoverished neighbourhoods.
    There may be parts of that that you don’t like or think that there are still other things that Miller should do or think that we need more money to do more of the above but to say he’s done nothing or that all he’s doing is going after legal gun owners is absolutely wrong. Those who make that claim are either ill-informed or liars.

  • spacejack

    Green, you wrote a lot of text, but it still doesn’t make going after legal gun owners right.
    Also, “rid our city of any culture that finds gun use acceptable” sounds like some sort of cleansing movement. People like you scare the crap out of me, and I’ve got zero personal interest in guns.

  • Green Sulfur

    Nonsense, Jack. As a society we have made (and continue to make) many, many moral choices. I think that making the choice to go gun free is very consistent with the values our society has, especially because legal guns are held by so few but torture so many (the fright factor of so many legal guns being stolen from collectors).

  • spacejack

    The likelyhood that you’ll die by being shot is practically nil. About the only thing much less likely than being shot to death is being shot to death by a legal gun owner or one of their stolen guns.
    The problem isn’t legal gun owners, the problem is your irrational fear and the resulting knee-jerk, fascist mindset. This is the same kind of thinking that inspires invasions halfway around the world while curtailing civil liberties at home in the name of protecting people from terrorists.
    You call needless, oppressive laws “moral”; that doesn’t make it so (particularly when it’s obvious that you aren’t even working from any coherent moral framework in the first place.)
    Miller’s plan, like the completely useless $2 billion gun registry, is a waste of time and money.

  • PickleToes

    Another great job from spacejack. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Green Sulfur, however, has made some rather disappointing jabs at me. Particularly his insinuations that I’m ignorant. He’s trying to troll me like Tuds. For all I know they could be the same person.

  • Green Sulfur

    Jack, your comments are oh so comforting to the neighbourhoods in Toronto that are so disproportionately affected by gun violence.
    Although legal gun owners are only directly responsible for a small fraction of shootings, their guns are stolen and used in crimes with much greater frequency. These guns aren’t “legal” but because they started out in Toronto (and Canada) as legal, it provided the opportunity for criminals to get them.
    But I’m not expecting a reasonable argument to convince you’re ideological libertarianism.
    And Pickles, how do I know you and Jack aren’t the same person patting yourself on the back? My comment was based on your knee-jerk conservatism that you back pedal from when confronted with facts (eg, all that hot air you let go on the topic of sex reassignment surgery).

  • rek

    I was about to suggest that Pickles and spacejack are the same people too…

  • watchnut

    What a waste of time and energy the Mayor spends on banning guns. It’s way outside of his powers and it’s not the source of the gun violence here. Guns are extremely hard to get and the 19 year old who shoots in the club district bought it stolen and smuggled from the US- let’s call a spade a spade a move past this.

  • spacejack

    I see Green and rek always resort to labels and insults when they realize they’ve got no argument. Maybe it’s you two who are the same person.

  • iamnotdynamite

    can’t we just compromise and say that all four of you are the same person?

  • Green Sulfur

    Jack: The pot’s calling, you’re black!
    Seriously though, you don’t seem to have a rebuttal to my last comment. But I understand why. No one can claim that gun owners do an adequate job storing their guns because there continue to be thefts that happen all over Toronto, the GTA and Canada. A large portion of illegal firearms may come across the border but Canadian civillians have proven that we’re unworthy of the responsibility of possessing guns.