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Miller In Gun Battle, TCSB Trustees Whine, Nations To Bicker Over Climate Change Windfall

David Miller’s plan to ban recreational shooting ranges in the city of Toronto is arousing ire from shooting enthusiasts, who argue that banning air guns and single-shot target rifles isn’t going to decrease gun violence. A representative from a suburban range said their members come from all walks of life, including homemakers, students, professionals, and those friendly Crip boys who always bring their own guns.
Toronto Catholic School Board trustees have tentatively agreed to stop stealing stuff if Kathleen Wynne will just leave them alone, but it looks as though the province will probably take over anyway.
Delegations from Canada, the US, Russia, Norway, and Denmark met in Greenland to discuss the tragedy of global warming and also who gets to keep all the oil that might be under the melting Arctic ice. Silver lining and all that.
The Harper government is being asked how classified documents could go missing for five weeks without anyone noticing after recently resigned Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier left them at the apartment of ex-girlfriend Julie Couillard. The PM denied any problem, pointing out that Couillard’s home had a lock on the door.
A report says that Canadian manufacturers could actually benefit from higher oil prices, which make it more expensive to import goods from overseas. Let’s get those factories humming, boys…oh, wait—oil prices dropped today. Shut ’em down again.
Photo by A Boy and His Bike.