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No More Miss Nice G___!

Today is a Valentine’s Day that Kathleen Wynne will never forget. The Miss G___ Project is encouraging Ontario residents to contact the current Minister of Education today and politely demand that a Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) program be added to the Ontario Secondary School curriculum.

The Miss G___ Project for Equity in Education has been fighting for three years for a WGS program in Ontario high schools. Kathleen Wynne called the project “the most effective lobby effort the Ministry has seen in recent history,” and, last October, promised that a WGS course would be implemented if the Liberals were re-elected.
“Well, they were,” says the organization, “and nothing’s happening.”
This is particularly dismaying after the release of the “Falconer Report” in January, which reported a high incidence of sexual harassment and homophobia in Toronto schools. This begs the question: why do we only teach students about women’s and gender studies once they reach university? Wouldn’t it make sense to educate them at an age when they are the most vulnerable and impressionable?
“We’re getting a bit tired of sitting around, tapping our fingers and wondering when the phone will ring…so we’ve decided to go tapping on the Ministry’s door instead,” says Miss G___. If you’d like to join the effort, contact Kathleen Wynne’s office at 416-325-2600 or today and tell them that you believe in respect toward all people of all genders and all sexual orientations.
Thanks to David Alexander for the tip.


  • tdotg2

    Key question: which course should we swap out to make space for this WGS course? Or should we expand the school day?
    What would the marking scheme look like?

  • Karen Whaley

    The first thing that comes to mind would be to scrap the Teacher Advisor Program (aka. TAP or TAG). I was in high school when it was implemented, and it was such a waste of everybody’s time.
    In fact, it may already be scrapped. Here’s a news release from 2004 which calls for “an immediate review to consider better uses for the $56 million of instructional time spent on the Teacher Adviser Program (TAP), which was introduced by the previous government, including improved remedial programs and guidance.” The King Report in 2005 found that “The Teacher Advisor Program (TAP) has little influence on students’ education and career plans.”
    If the government is willing to spend millions of dollars on stupid programs like TAP, I don’t see why they shouldn’t on a WGS program that would promote tolerance, understanding and self-awareness.

  • Mark Ostler

    Why would the marking scheme be any different than, say, a history class?
    And why do any courses need to be swapped out? Just have the kids take one more mandatory credit instead of an elective in Grade 10 or 11.
    In the off chance that something needs to be removed, I vote for chemistry. Hot damn, I hated chemistry. Organic compound my ass.

  • tdotg2

    “And why do any courses need to be swapped out? Just have the kids take one more mandatory credit instead of an elective in Grade 10 or 11.”
    That does imply that something will be swapped out – just the kid’s electives ;)

  • Mark Ostler

    Which isn’t the end of the world. When I was in high school there were a few spots open in a sort of ‘independent study’ course. Essentially, the history prof that ran it chose the select few who got in and got them to do whatever he needed them to do, no essay, no exam, nothing that could be equivalent to classroom education. It was ridiculous stuff that provided nothing close to the education of an actual course and everyone that took it got a grade in the high 90′s. It was generally viewed as an average-booster for better students. Bird courses like that should be reserved for university.

  • burnstoemerge

    There was an article about this by one of my classmates in the latest issue of Ryerson’s “feminist” magazine, McClung’s: Miss Education by Lora Grady.