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RIM Down, Obama Up, Leafs Cold

A three hour Blackberry outage affected millions of people across North America yesterday, leading to much wailing and handwringing over the temporary unavailability of a technology that didn’t even exist ten years ago. Truly we are a nation of whiners.
The Toronto Maple Leafs braved the cold to hold an unannounced outdoor skate at Withrow Park yesterday, where they were cheered on by 300 local grade-schoolers. Following the warmup, the kids formed a pickup team and defeated the Leafs 3–1.
Finance Minister Joe Jim Flaherty promised to deliver a “thrifty” budget on February 26. The Minister was quoted as saying, “I’m not going to be the finance minister that puts our country back into deficit,” which comes off a little macho but as political cliché-mongering goes, it’s still a step up from “we’re putting your money back in your pocket.”
Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton go head to head again for the Democratic Presidential in today’s so-called “Potomac primaries.” Obama has the momentum here after four strong wins on the weekend, but Clinton has said that she is not intimidated by his enormous caucus.
The U.S. government will seek the death penalty for alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, currently being held with five co-defendants at Guantánamo Bay. The case will be interesting because he was subjected to “waterboarding” while under interrogation, which could invalidate his confessions if he were being tried before a civilian court instead of a military tribunal. On the other hand, before his capture, he bragged unprompted to an Al Jazeera reporter about being responsible for 9/11, so it’s hard to be too sympathetic.
Photo by David Newland.


  • WannaBinToranna

    with all of our technology and for all it’s advances, one black-out, pulled plug or dead battery and you are left with nothing but expensive paper-weights with lots of buttons that won’t do anything. Lovely things to have your life depend on (“I don’t know what day it is or WHERE I’m supposed to be right now!!”)
    We’re gonna be dizzy from the fumnes when the day comes where we’ll have to use our cell phones/iPods/Blackberrys/Playstations for “firewood”. :- )
    “Jerry, your body knows what time it is, all my appointments are…pop…right up here”

  • BBLeslie

    Yeah, I agree. What will we do when we get another major black-out? Can you imagine people not being able to send emails and text messages through their Blackberrys?!? What will people do on the subways? Or in general? Just sit around in the dark and probably periodically pressing the “power” buttons on everything, secretly hoping that by some miracle, the computer/blackberry/cell phone or whatever it is will turn on.
    Having said that…I still want a Blackberry though :)

  • WannaBinToranna

    Amazing isn’t it? What a proud moment for the American “justice” system. Seeking the death penalty while they are still “alleged”.
    Waterboarding? It’s torture, endof story. if I were waterboarded, I’d confess to kidnapping the Lindy baby, the Holocaust and voting for Sanjaya.
    A new low. As far as being sympathetic…if they can do this to the Khalid Sheik Mohammeds of the world, they can do it to others. he could brag about about whatever he wants, being a prick who was caught in his undies doesn’t make him guilty.
    We have a legal/justice system (or so I thought)and if that system breaks down, even for people like Khalid (and yes, even people who brag are still innocent until proven guilty, and not through torture), then it breaks down for everyone. I am much more concerned about my country and it’s reputation than I am about Khalid.
    This is america, we’re supposed to be better than everyone else. I haven’t seen much evidence of that in some time (since about the time Bush was sworn in).

  • greatcop

    “Following the warmup, the kids formed a pickup team and defeated the Leafs 3–1.”
    serious lolz!