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Where does Eye Weekly get all those great ideas?

SEPT. 28, 2006: Torontoist publishes “Two Peas In A Pod,” a poorly considered article making fun of Eye and Now for both deeming Nuit Blanche significant enough to feature on their covers the same week.
JAN. 17, 2008: Eye Weekly publishes “Where does Toronto Life get all those great ideas?” a poorly considered article making fun of Toronto Life for also deeming the Zeidler family, Dave Meslin, Yonge Street, and Council’s right wing significant enough to give feature coverage.


  • Jaime Woo

    Maclean’s does this too: inside the magazine, it calls out similar covers from the Economist, Time, and Newsweek.

  • paigesix

    So does Gawker (er, so did Gawker before their recent demise..) and Low Culture (ditto) and other smaller media-centric blogs (myself included).
    Could this be called media… stalking? Tracking? Whatever it is, I think it’s important and interesting. We can’t do anything to stop the conglomerates from getting bigger and bigger, so at least give us the right to call out lazy idea-stealing.

  • David Topping

    It’s generally in poor taste for any publication to (publicly) say “look what we covered first.” Torontoist has covered plenty of stuff before anyone else in the city, and we are often very explicitly cribbed from from other places (whether they’re big or small), but we’re not about call anyone out on it––first, because that’s lame; and second, because someone could just as easily assemble a few anecdotes that would seem to prove we were cribbing from someone else.
    I guess I just don’t see what Eye‘s trying to prove––Toronto Life is a monthly magazine, not a weekly newspaper, and most of their articles are prepared far, far in advance of publication.
    Honestly, though, this is why everyone in the mainstream media should start to be more open and credit where they get their ideas from if they’re not self-generated. It’s a good, fair policy, and we always try to.

  • dowlingm

    I think Eye and NOW have had these kind of spitball contests too.

  • ked

    Toronto Life has a pretty long lead time so in the last case at least it has to coincidence or the work of a very good publicist.

  • Toddzilla

    See Torontoist on July 5, 2007. Lame.

  • sloanbuller

    This article is uncool. Are you calling out other publications for rudely calling out other publications? I would give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were some kind of post-modern genius if this article didn’t truly just suck.

  • David E

    Ever looked closely at the offerings of CanWest Global?
    So much of what the put out is from other sources and then re-written by their staff and seemingly passed of as their own.
    Their news on TV is much the same. Much of it is lifted from the newspapers and Fox.
    Talk about cross-platform media.

  • Damon Kemp

    I thought CanWest was the Canadian Fox clone.

  • quest

    “It’s generally in poor taste for any publication to (publicly) say “look what we covered first.” Torontoist has covered plenty of stuff before anyone else in the city…”
    This made me giggle.

  • Kevin Bracken

    Today’s Eye was definitely eyebrow-raising: I know Eye prides themselves in being the subject of much emulation, and it’s true, people do copy them a lot (and the Toronto Life article about the right wing at City Hall was a dead ringer, if you ask me.)
    I guess this kind of thing is normal in the print world?

  • Kevin Bracken

    Also the one about Mez is kind of a cheap shot – they are talking about a difference of thirteen months and a guy who deserves all the media buzz he receives.

  • rocketeer

    I think the more important issue should be who covered it best and not who covered it first. Of course, those who come second while managing to do it worse should probably be pointed out.

  • Kevin Steele

    It’s pretty lame considering that those stories are out there.
    I’m always annoyed when I see EYEdentical twins, EYEs miss-the-point theft of the old SPY feature “Separated-At-Birth.” Except SPY would cleverly find people people from different walks of life and make funny points by the juxtposition. Meanwhile, EYE just takes people that are of similar age, backgrounds and careers and thinks it’s worth noting that they have also taken similar pictures.