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Vintage Toronto Ads: Saturday Afternoon with the Tow Truck

Nobody likes to be stranded during the holiday season due to car trouble. Whether it’s a dead battery, unexpected snowfall, or executing a 180-degree spin into the ditch alongside the 401 on the way back to the city, inclement weather and Murphy’s Law often combine to make this a busy time of the year for auto clubs like CAA. Even beloved weekend movie hosts occasionally require their assistance.
Before gaining fame as a movie host, Weston native Elwy Yost’s occupations included stage actor, high school English teacher, employee in the personnel department of A.V. Roe during the Avro Arrow controversy, and television quiz show panelist. Yost’s first film show was Passport to Adventure, a mid-1960s CBC series in which features were presented in a serialized format alongside interviews with performers. When Yost began his film-hosting duties for TVOntario in the 1970s, he utilized the serial format for Magic Shadows on weeknights, while a rich archive of interviews with filmmakers and critics provided the context for the feature presentations on Saturday Night at the Movies. The bubbling enthusiasm he displayed for films during his 25-year run on TVOntario helped inspire a generation of film geeks. For his final broadcast in 1999, Yost screened Speed, written by one of those he inspired, his son Graham.
While waiting for his vehicle to be pulled out of the snow, one wonders if Elwy and the driver discussed movies with well-framed towing sequences.
Source: Toronto Life, December 1985


  • David E

    I’d like to meet the dimbulb who thought Shelagh Rogers would be a good replacement for Elwy Yost.
    That woman wouldn’t stop talking and giggling.
    Fortunately, it lasted only a season.
    Now she’s off back at CBC gabbing away and will do so the rest of her days.

  • Ben

    Remember tow CAA doesn’t just tow cars that are out of gas, they also lobby against any improvements in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and support any highway expansion (including that one crazy idea to build a giant highway in the middle of Lake Ontario).

  • Jamie Bradburn

    Thanks for digging up the link – I remember reading that piece at the time and scratching my head at several of CAA’s suggestions. It sounded to me like someone involved in the study was bitter that the expressway system planned for Metro Toronto in the 1950s and 60s never materialized post-Spadina.