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I Believe I Can Flyer

Posterchild––street artist extraordinaire and our new curator for Vandalist––has taken it on himself to fill the empty hooks of the TTC’s subways, streetcars, and buses with new and improved information flyers. For the past week, he’s posted details of one flyer a day to his blog: Monday was a subway and streetcar colouring book; Tuesday was tips on how to flirt on the subway (pictured above); Wednesday was a guided graffiti tour along the 510 Spadina streetcar route; Thursday was a cryptogram, maze, connect-the-dots game, and riddles; and today’s, Friday, was a claim that the whole system is now free.
In the participatory spirit often present in Posterchild’s work, each day’s project includes .jpgs of each flyer (some of which include Robot Johnny’s anagram TTC map) so that that you can print them out and distribute them yourself––which you totally should, because if there’s anything the TTC system needs more of right now, it’s a healthy dose of parody. And, uh, lots and lots of money.
Photo courtesy of Posterchild.


  • Gloria


  • iamnotdynamite

    i wonder what the people arguing in the vandalist post think about this.

  • rek

    I’m sure someone will claim these flyers physically damage the subway system.

  • Damon Kemp

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did say that. Now it’s just a matter of who.

  • Acadie

    Very Cool idea, printed some up and will hang on the Subway on my way downtown tomorrow.

  • elliot


  • Stacey

    I wish I had seen one of them this week!

  • Doggiez

    Bravo! I’d like to see one that discusses “proper flatuence etiquette while traveling the TTC.”

  • dowlingm but again, does this mean people promoting Jesus or Mammon will think they can hang their crap there too?
    Maybe space on the hooks should be allocated by “audition”, like busking slots :)

  • AR

    I really enjoyed looking through this vandalism, too bad I also didn’t see it in person. I’ll have to pay more attention to the site and print some off myself. I can’t say that about the more permanent and damaging stuff though.

  • Toby von Meistersinger