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Olivia Chow for Mayor

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Fuck Death, Long Live Bergman

2008_01_24seventhseal.jpgAccording to their online mission statement, the Fuck Death Foundation is “an organization dedicated to the elimination of death through the generation and distribution of funds to strategically selected causes and initiatives worldwide.” Co-founders and directors Dugald Stewart and Simon Murphy also plan to target “the most ruthlessly indiscriminate killer of all—oldness.”
Yes, they’re serious…we think. Watch their interview on The Hour, or call the toll-free infoline at 1-877-DIE-DON’T, and decide for yourself.
Unfortunately, Fuck Death wasn’t formed in time to save Ingmar Bergman, but they’ll be screening one of his best-known and most seminal films, The Seventh Seal, at Camera Bar (1028 Queen Street West) this Friday, January 25 at 8 p.m. If you’re worried Bergman’s black-and-white existentialism will turn you suicidal, thus defeating the fundraiser’s purpose somewhat, you can always stop in for post-screening drinks and discussion. The event runs until 2 a.m.
Admission is $5. Art multiples will be sold with all proceeds going to the foundation.
Photo from The Seventh Seal courtesy of Janus Films.