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City Fees Might Increase, New Hampshire Primaries Tonight, And No Golden Globes For You You Come Back One Year

City service fees to increase? Toronto’s recreation department wants to increase user fees by 21 percent this year and a total of 81 percent over seven years. Because you know who doesn’t pay their fair share? Poor people!
Barack Obama, John McCain surging in polls as New Hampshire primaries take place. In related news, Obama and McCain both won the small villages of Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location, both of which had their complete villages turn out last night at midnight to vote. These villages are of course completely meaningless (Wes Clark won them both in 2004, for example), but it’s something for political reporters to write about until the real primaries happen tonight. Kind of like when you give a baby some applesauce to shut it up.
Sexually active gay men no longer allowed to donate organs regardless of whether they have infectious diseases or not. A spokesperson for Health Canada refused to explain the changes, so Torontoist will do it for them: “We think gay people are kind of icky, and the medical issues involved with ickiness are of great concern to us. Ickiness has been linked to woogy-wooginess, the jibblies and trembling knees, after all.”
Panel tells Prime Minister to tax carbon emissions if we want to fight climate change. Since Stephen Harper does not actually care about climate change, however, do not expect this tax anytime soon. (In fairness, Stéphane Dion doesn’t want to institute a carbon tax either, due to the traditional Liberal platform of “don’t get mad at me, I’m not doing anything.”)
Finally, the Golden Globe Awards have been cancelled. The Screen Actor’s Guild refused to cross the WGA picket lines, and that was the ballgame. Now we will all be deprived of the seventh most important awards show on television! Oh, the humanity!
Photo by Mr. Kevino from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.