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Students Not Getting Chips, MP Not Porn Addict, Climate Problems Not Solved Yet

2007_12_06_cafeteria2.jpgtabled a bill that would ban trans fatty foods from Ontario schools. Trans fats and young people have been a hot public safety issue since 2005’s infamous “Summer of the Muffin.”
Conservative MP James Moore yesterday angrily rejected allegations from NDP MP Irene Mathyssen that he had been viewing a picture of a “scantily clad woman” on his laptop while in the House. Although Mathyssen later apologized after learning that the image was of Moore’s girlfriend, neither MP was allowed to go outside and play during recess.
Yet another group of prominent climate scientists have released a statement warning of “catastrophic” consequences if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed immediately. Meanwhile, delegates to the Bali Climate Change conference bicker about who should go first or do most. Say, what was the name of that guy who fiddled while Rome was burning?
An upcoming article in the New England Journal of Medicine will call for the banning of over-the counter cold remedies for children. The article makes the recommendation based on the facts that the remedies are a), very dangerous, and b), don’t work, which seem like pretty good reasons.
Photo by mangpages on Flickr.