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Business As Usual In Bali, Pickton Convicted, Canadians Feeling Oppressed

After refusing to allow environmentalists into the official Canadian delegation at the Bali Climate Change Conference, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has raised some hackles by bringing businesspeople, including oil company executives, into the group. Wow, he’s not even pretending to care anymore.
In other Bali news, a proposal to eliminate tariffs on “green” technologies was shot down at the conference on the weekend, the victim of bickering between developed and developing nations. The human race is so screwed.
In some kind of conclusion to one of the most disturbing stories of the year, B.C. pig farmer Robert Pickton has been found guilty of six counts of second-degree murder. He can now officially be called a lunatic dirtbag serial killer without fear of biasing his trial.
Some Canadian cities are considering a moratorium on new drive-throughs at fast food restaurants, citing “lineups … so long they stretch out of parking lots and spill onto public streets.” Tim Horton’s, we’re looking at you.
A survey reveals that 1 in 4 Canadians feel that they have been discriminated against based on their race or ethnicity. Canada: a land where people of all cultures come together to hate each other.
Photo by Oxfam International on Flickr.