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uTOpia 3: The Greenening

greenTOpiacover.jpgOk, so we’re starting to get the message that we need to act on this whole “we’re killing the planet” thing, and fast. But amongst all the noise about how much trouble we’ve gotten ourselves into, it’s sometimes hard to hear the solutions and see the positive ideas. Enter GreenTOpia, the third installment in Coach House Books’ uTOpia series, which is being released at a party this weekend into our eagerly outstretched arms.
As we previewed last month, GreenTOpia is the right book at the right time from the right people. Featuring an impressive who’s who of the Toronto environmental movement (and beyond), the book promises to cover everything from “gardening the Gardiner” to “the art of salvage” to “drinking less coffee.” In other words, a healthy mix of conventional and non-conventional ideas on how to make our city a more livable place. Contributers include Dale Duncan, John Lorinc, Catherine Nasmith, Keith Stewart and about fifty others.
The launch takes place this Sunday, November 11th at The Gladstone Hotel beginning at 2:00 p.m. The publishers assure us that “Torontoist readers will love the panels, Toronto bands and psychogeographic walk with Shawn Micallef.” You readers sure are known for your love of psychogeographic walks.


  • Kevin Bracken

    lol. it’s easy to confuse the various blog-reading communities.
    sort of.

  • Ben

    Funny title. I do take a bit of exception to this though:

    it’s sometimes hard to hear the solutions

    I think that the solutions are well known, and that anyone who really gives a damn already tries to do these things:

    • the 3 R’s
    • be frugal and efficient with energy usage
      • restrict driving as much as possible
      • restrict meat eating as much as possible
    • support green energy development

    These are things most people can accomplish with minimal effort. There are probably some important things I left off.

  • iamnotdynamite

    while i agree that any of those various potential solutions mentioned can be helpful, i’m extremely doubtful of their ability to cause much actual environmental help (not that i’m attacking either you or the solutions you proposed, because i think that everything that is possible to do should be done). mainly because it foists most of, and perhaps even all of, the burden of stopping the whole “we’re killing the planet” thing on individual people, which is not only a bit insulting but also plays perfectly into keeping the problem going because if we believe that it’s only our fault that the planet is being destroyed, then we’re more likely to fall into feelings of guilt rather than trying to remove the entities that are actually responsible for it, e.g. corporations, the oil economy, a capitalism based on the constant need to always be expanding. i have this sense that the lifestyle-choice type of solutions are the sorts of solutions that industry would love to see promoted (if any must be promoted at all) because it keeps the most destructive aspects still running strong, while simultaneously shifting blame to the guy down the street who drives to work instead of taking the ttc. supporting green energy development is probably the closest thing to a solution that could affect serious change, but at this point i wonder if things are too far gone for that to help us, and since i suspect that green energy would still go towards supporting the aforementioned capitalism based on the constant need to always be expanding, it would just be greening up the way we destroy the environment.
    but i’m a bit pessimistic about this whole thing. but, i hope, not dreadfully incoherent about the whole thing.