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DiManno Watch: Super-Ego

Rosie DiManno sucks. Every day, poor Toronto Star readers are subjected to another over-the-top, awkwardly-written, occasionally-insulting column about the day’s top depressing story from the purple-streaked purveyor of pulp. Torontoist, for one, can’t take it anymore.

The Evidence

We really really didn’t want to post two DiManno columns in one week. (Really.) But today, DiManno dropped her most recent column, “Finally, the blowhard’s behind bars,” about the Richard Wills case––yes, another one––and, well, the ending is pretty awe-inspiring:

Showtime, for this classic narcissist, is over. There’s no audience any longer for the rambling monologues, grimaces, interjections, farts and yips.
I’ll say it for Linda Mariani: You bastard.

The Verdict

5/6 DIMANNOS (The more DiMannos, the worse the column is.)
First things first: DiManno’s not retiring. You’d be forgiven, though, if you thought that she was based on that first paragraph, where she––an endlessly indulgent writer who is about to tastelessly channel the voice of a murder victim to call the murderer a bastard––actually calls someone else a narcissist. Confusing! DiManno’s strange stylistic pronoun choices (he’s not a narcissist, he’s this narcissist, and they’re not his rambling monologues, they’re the rambling monologues) certainly don’t help separate subject from speaker, nor do her own “rambling monologues, grimaces, interjections, farts and yips” that she is as prone to as Wills is. Grimaces like saying that Linda Mariani “festered and liquefied” behind a wall, or interjections like saying that Wills will become “some Bruno’s Bitch” in prison. And while Wills is now off to jail for murder, DiManno is still free to fart on all of us every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Sadly, she still has an audience.


  • antiboy

    Farts and yips? My God… I had no idea The Star was this trashy.

  • blue_monday99

    I find this whole “watch” cheap and mean-spirited. Come on, Torontoist/David, you’re above hitting “below the belt” like that.

  • saira

    Finally. Its not just me who thinks she’s a racist, empty headed, etc etc

  • Daniel James

    One of Rosie’s latest articles on Rob Ford proves to me that she is part of the team that has been given the task of killing off the Rob Ford character… BTW, Rob Ford is played by the same actor that played Chris Farley:

  • Daniel James

    David, are you aware that the “news” is mostly fiction created for the purpose of distraction? Look at yesterday’s London beheading, when will people wake up to this fact…?