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Coyote Moderately Attractive

coyoteugly.jpgThe National Post is reporting today that Coyote Ugly––the raunchy, almost-a-strip-club-bar that inspired a Jerry Bruckheimer movie that everyone, including Piper Perabo, forgot about five years ago––will open up its first Canadian “saloon” next year at 220 Adelaide Street West.
Coyote Ugly is upfront about its intentions: on their website, the bar explains the “business plan” of its first owner, Lil’ Lovell, was “beautiful girls + booze = money.” The organization’s slogan is “Don’t Just Get Drunk Get Ugly,” so it only makes sense that they’ve chosen the entertainment district––an ugly cultural vacuum––as their first home in the great white north.
Don Robard, the King-Spadina Residents Association president, told the Post that he had concerns about the bar’s “image”––namely, that “the impression the world has is that this place is where you go to get drunk and pick up chicks if you’re a guy and pick up guys if you’re a chick.” Which, well, makes it no different from almost all the other bars and clubs in the area, though this one comes with just a smidge more misogyny. Or maybe, actually, having half-naked bartenders stand up on tables, dance, and serve alcohol in exchange for money from men is actually a smidge less misogynist.
Tip via the Toronto LiveJournal Community.