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CiRCA Does Justice to Justice

2007_10_18Justice.jpgLast night, entertainment upstart CiRCA faced one of its toughest challenges yet: how can a club, especially one of its size, impress or even satisfy a massive crowd of rockers in Toronto? Well, Torontoist reader skeptical, it is our pleasure to report to you that it passed with flying colours.
With the help of Paris-based electrorockersuperstars Justice, A.D/D. sold out not just one venue in Toronto, but two. Last night’s show was originally scheduled for the Mod Club, a suitable venue for such a performance, but clearly not large enough. The show sold out in days. When CiRCA finally got its liquor license, the show was moved there and, to many people’s surprise, sold out there too. Three thousand people, most of them CiRCA virgins; what the hell was going to happen, we wondered?
One needed only to keep one’s ears peeled to hear the reactions of the uninitiated, which were overwhelmingly positive. A CiRCA virgin’s experience often revolves around exploring the many themed rooms and, even though many areas were closed last night, the thousands of attendees who’d more often be rocking out to guitars and drum kits than turntables and sequencers lauded the venue loudly. The near-mob scene that broke out during Justice’s anthems D.A.N.C.E. and We Are Your Friends left even the most skeptical hipsters with a positive feeling; “I can’t believe that just happened!” was a common reaction to the happy mosh pit. Even Toronto’s epicentre of cynicism, Stillepost, has good things to say about the place.
Did the City of Lights show Hogtown just how it’s done, or did Paris leave with a tiny twinge of envy? Only tonight’s RANDOMLAND will tell.
Photo by Kristina Groeger.


  • beth maher

    It’s kinda nit-picking, but “We are your friends” is not a Justice song, it’s a Simian song that Justice re-mixed.
    Just letting you know.
    I’m actually getting excited about this Circa thing – which is CRAZY because I am so anti-clubland – just biding my time for the day a band I actually want to see plays there.
    I think Mr. Gatien may actually have suceeded, damnit.
    I guess that’s what I get for basing my opinion of him on a Macauly Culkin movie (even if it was a really awesome one).

  • elliot

    I really wish I could have been there.

  • Karen Whaley

    I don’t even like clubbing, but I really want to check CiRCA out. The Justice show would have been the perfect opportunity, but alas I could not get tickets.
    Are they going to keep hosting concerts there?

  • ooh lush

    It was my first time at CiRCA and I gotta say all in all, I was really impressed. When I heard that Justice has been moved to some new, 3000 capacity venue, I was quite nervous and slightly disappointed but CiRCA definitely did justice to Justice. People who worked there were surprisingly helpful and nice, the bouncers, bartenders, and especially the security guards holding up the barriers (though all looked tough as security guards should) were all really great. As well, the fact they gave out bottles of water during the show was awesome seeing that they did have a bar and most venues would want you to dehydrate and buy their overpriced drinks–but this surprisingly, wasn’t the case. The sound quality, lights, and atmosphere in general were above expectations though it was new and definitely blooming…
    But now, onto Justice… it was absolutely insane. Definitely insane in all the good ways possible. They put on such an amazing show. I was right up the front row, left-ish, center-ish for 98% of their set and had the greatest time just dancing, singing and bouncing along. Being this incredibly short girl, I fought long and hard to stay in that spot, while the 2% I wasn’t in the front was when these tossers used all their might to push me out but realized after some time I wouldn’t give up, they gave up. They used the sirens from ‘Atlantis to Interzone’ by Klaxons to accompany ‘We Are Your Friends’ which got me really excited, and the energy from Gaspard working the crowd to shouting the chorus was incredible. The different remixes of ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ and the sing along was definitely a highlight–but really, the energy throughout their whole set and the fact seeing Justice LIVE is all too amazing.

  • Johnnie Walker

    Am I the only person who didn’t think Circa was a great fit for Justice? Don’t get me wrong, I thought the venue was cool and seeing Justice was awesome, but the combination was far from perfect. Maybe this makes me sound like an old person, but I was on the floor pretty close to the stage and I thought the place was over-crowded in a kinda dangerous-fire-hazard-crushed-to-death way. Selling out Circa is one thing if everyone is hanging out all through the club, but if it’s being used as a concert venue, then everyone’s gonna want to be on the main floor, which isn’t actually very big. Some fierce 1998 moshpit for Parisian djs was not what I expected. But maybe I’m just peeved because four people spilled their drinks all over me in that crowd, including one person who spilled a drink all over my face. Which was all silly in the first place because it’s not like there was even much to see on stage anyway; just two dudes djing. I think all concert-playing djs could take a lesson from Girltalk. That guy knows how to make djing a show.

  • paigesix

    I thought it was originally scheduled for Republik, not Mod Club??

  • Vaneska

    Johnnie, it wasn’t the venue that didn’t fit the band, but your expectations. The fact that everyone was rocking out and moshing to a DJ duo as if they were a rock band is a clear sign that something incredible is happening to electronic music right now. I saw Justice the next day in Montreal in a “proper” concert venue, and the crowd was just as crazy (if not more). And based on the 1000s of university kids and *ahem* “frat boys” I saw at both gigs, it’s bands (or DJ duos if you prefer) like this that are making clubbin’ cool again.