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Clubland Gets Violent, Taxpayers Get Break, Artists Get Housing

The Entertainment District got a little more entertaining early Monday morning as an innocent bystander was wounded in a wild movie-style shootout involving at least four gunmen. Mayor David Miller called for a crackdown on gun smuggling as part of his strategy of blaming all problems in Toronto on forces outside of his control.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled tax cuts yesterday, including corporate and personal income taxes reductions and a one-cent drop in the GST. Remember David Miller’s call to have one cent of the GST turned over to Toronto to prevent the city from imminent collapse? Well, it turns out that the Conservatives would rather not have the money at all than give it to us. Well played, Mr. Harper, well played.
The city has brokered an innovative deal between artists and developers to include a theatre and cheap studio space as part of new development near Queen West and Dovercourt. Other ideas to make the neighbourhood more artist-friendly include a wine store on every corner, 24-hour beret shops, and quaintly-crafted street signs identifying the area as the “Artsy Triangle.”
The interim commissioner of the environment has reported that after fifteen years of talking, there’s still no meaningful strategy in place to green up the Federal government, with most departments having no targets to achieve or baselines against which to measure their progress. Most federal cabinet ministers do, however, have a blue recycling bin underneath their desk, which they use for storing their shoes.
Photo by gpo256 from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.


  • davedave

    ” there are surveillance cameras in the area, but some scaffolding may have blocked the views.”
    How ridiculously incompetent.
    The bars on that strip are simply going to have to hire more cops and charge the 905ers a little more for their rum and cokes.
    And how come the guns were allowed into the bar in the first place? Hmm – I guess the bouncers have some explaining to do.

  • Damon Kemp

    Ok, where in the story did you see where it said that guns were brought into the club? I’m not even going to bother with the scaffolding because many areas in the downtown area are currently under construction so obviously this is going to block some camera views.

  • Marc Lostracco

    The police have seized handguns inside DNA Lounge before and I believe they say it started as a conflict inside the club. Just sayin’.
    As for the federal budget—the largest part of that huge government surplus comes from from Toronto, and nobody denies that the city is woefully broke and drastically needs federal funding, so rather than roll it down as an investment in essential services to the cities that need it, we’re just gonna cut it out so you can save a few pennies on your taxes. Despicable.

  • Damon Kemp

    Marc, it was my opinion that with the new night life legislation, I could be wrong on this, that the bouncers were suppose to meet some security certifications to prevent stuff like this from going on. So if something like this happened it would put the club in jeopardy. Also if I remember correctly wasn’t there a shooting a while back and in that situation the guy had gone back to his car to get his gun and than started shooting? I ‘m just saying that this could’ve happened at well. I’ve never been to DNA and so I can’t really say whether or not the bouncers really check for weapons or not. I know that one of the clubs I went to the female bouncer checked me so thoroughly that I didn’t know whether to tip her or what.

  • Marc Lostracco

    I would guess that the weapons were probably in the cars. I’ve never been to DNA either, but does anyone know if they have the wand security like the bigger clubs? Since the cops have recovered weapons from people inside before, I’d think this would cause the club to beef up security—though it’s a small after-hours venue, so who knows?

  • Kevin Bracken

    I’ve been to DNA and I was searched quite thoroughly upon entry.
    I won’t tell you what the bar manager described his off nights as, but it’s a racial slur followed by the word “night”, and it’s an alliteration.
    In other news, I am not surprised that Adam Vaughan used this as an excuse to further his crackdown plans, despite the recent major setback and embarrassment.

  • Ben

    I can think of a simple solution to people hiding guns in their cars: don’t let people drive to club land.
    I am kind of joking. On the other hand, there must be a few hundred drunk drivers leaving there on busy weekend nights.

  • AnarchX

    weed, man, weed.

  • AnarchX

    ok, i do’t knwo what i’m talking about … i need coffee

  • Chris Taylor

    You guys are missing out on October’s most hilarious Toronto-related entertainment story, here.

  • bigbluebanana

    ah, sometimes i think it would be nice if 905ers just gave it up for a weekend, you know? tried something new, other than the civic-driving subwoofer-pounding bullshit that people who live near the club area are subjected to.

  • Patrick Metzger

    Someone should at least give the gangstas firearms training so they can hit each other instead of people who are just standing around minding their own business.

  • antiboy

    Hows about people avoid being shot by not going clubbing? Then we can let Clubland wither and die. I think Toronto would be a lot better off.

  • Damon Kemp

    Actually Chris already saw it on Fleshbot. Too funny.