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Whole Lotta Spacing Goin On

Our friends over at Spacing Magazine have officially launched their foray into a whole new blogging environment, Spacing Montréal. Covering the urban environment five hours down the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway, Spacing’s new blog looks at many of the same public space issues in Montreal (in a refreshing mix of both official languages) that the newly-rebranded Spacing Toronto examines here.
It may be worth noting the many parallels between Toronto and Montreal that make it a natural first step for Spacing: they have the world’s tallest inclined tower, we have (for a few more days, at least) the world’s tallest free-standing glowstick. They have the Big Owe, we have the SkyDome. They had the Olympics, we had the…uh, wait a second, let’s try that again. They had the World’s Fair, we had the…uh, hmm. At least we still have the Jays.
Asked if the new Montreal-focused blog was a prelude to a future extra-Toronto edition of Spacing Magazine proper, publisher Matt Blackett said that Spacing had no such plans. “We know the financial realities of a start-up in Montreal would be huge. A blog is a better answer and we can reach many more people.” Chalk one more up for Toronto.
As if launching one new blog and redesigning and rebranding another wasn’t enough work for one week, they also relaunched Spacing Votes to provide local commentary on the upcoming provincial election. Columnists include well-known Toronto writer John Lorinc, outspoken transit activist Steve Munro, and Harry Potter superfan James Bow among many other familiar names.
What’s next for Spacing? Blackett says that the next issue is due in early November with a green theme and a still-secret cover story. Now might be a good time to get that subscription.
Graphic courtesy of Spacing Toronto.


  • warmflash

    re : Spacing Montreal.
    You have wonder whether Montreal is a real city in the first place and whether it’s worthy of Spacing coverage.
    Montreal may be more of a Federal Government sponsored Theme Park — gone mad — than anything. With a basket-case economy, the highest provincial deficit, the highest suicide and unemployment rates and some utterly draconian language laws, one has to wonder what on earth the ” theme ” actually is. Perhaps Cuba of the north?
    At least poor old Toronto, for all its pain, congestion, Tammany Hall politics, gun violence and ugliness, pays its own way.

  • guest

    What a weird comment. Montreal is the perfect place for a Spacing blog.

  • qeust

    warmflash, you’re an idiot.
    In other news, being a Montreal ex-pat in Toronto I gotta say that if you’re going to have a paper, blog, site, anything, pick a language and stick with it. A good chunk of potential every day readers get alienated when half the content is in a language they don’t fully comprehend. Midnight Poutine is one site that I’d read just to keep up with what’s going on, if they’d just stick with english, which about 70% of their entries are posted in.
    There’s gotta be at least two people in the city who are willing to translate the articles for the opposite languages; Spacing, start two sites, or make up your mind about the one you already got.
    And if Toronto really wants to pay its own way, the city wouldn’t get all gung-ho over the whole 1 Cent Now thing Miller had this year.
    Everyone wants a free ride.

  • guest

    Count me as not having a problem with both english and french used. that’s the nature of montreal. it’s what walking down st. laurent sounds like.