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Filesharing Finds A New Venue

If you dig free stuff and you happen to be walking through Kensington Market or Queen West this week, local band The Craft Economy have burned a hundred copies of their debut EP All On C and stapled them to hydro poles as a way of promoting their upcoming show. All On C is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. That means whether you rip it off the Internet, or a pole, or even—we hasten to say it—purchase it (if you’re old-fashioned like that), you can copy, distribute and remix it in any way you like so long as you attribute the original work to the band and share your work in a similar fashion.
The Craft Economy was formed in 2005 at an Art Brut concert during which the singer, the unstoppably rad Eddie Argos, implored all members of the audience to form a band by the time they returned to tour the city again.
If you want to support these guys with actual dollars, you can buy the disc (with hand-made, hand-printed, hand-numbered artwork) off of their website or at their upcoming show at Kensington Station on September 29 as part of Nuit Blanche.
Big thanks to BoingBoing for sharing this.
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  • rek

    Toronto’s staple-encrusted telephone poles just got better.

  • AnarchX

    well, i don’t kmow about that. i think they did a great promotinal idea. props! BUT the schtick they got going on is lame (on the website). musically: decent, but not anything originally unique from the current “indie” scene. no offense if ya’ll are reading! just not my scene. i need hooks, great melodies. something i can hum or sing in the shower…
    my own hangups. i need a 2007 Zep, Floyd, etc.

  • AnarchX

    BUT BUT BUT a fantastic promotional idea nontheless!!!!!!

  • canuck086

    great promo from the band.
    i’ll check their tunes out when i get home from work.

  • guest

    Check out the Redux if you’re looking for Zep & Floyd like riffs. They’re a three piece I saw at the Phoenix last Saturday and they kick ass.
    They’re in Facebook under John Q Redux, too.

  • guest

    Good on them, I’ll check it out.