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The Incredible Hulk 2: Yonge Hulk

If you’ve been around U of T for the past month, there’s almost no way you’ve missed the filming for The Incredible Hulk. From having tanks and soldiers marching along College Street to invade the Koffler Centre to shoots––like yesterday’s––that saw soldiers firing live ammunition inside Knox College’s courtyard, it’s been pretty difficult to ignore.
The biggest spectacle, though, is apparently yet to come. According to a typo-heavy post on Comic Book Resources, Yonge Street will be dolled up to look like New York and––from College to Dundas––will be closed for filming between September 17 and 19 for (spoiler alert!) “the final fight scene between The Abomination and The Hulk.” Apparently, the Canon Theatre will also be made up to look like the Apollo.
Though photos aren’t allowed on set, you could always try to take part in the whole thing yourself––there are plenty of positions for extras listed on craigslist.
UPDATE (August 31): The National Post published a story today about the closure that, while liberally cribbing from this Torontoist article (see the fifth paragraph), has a bit more info about the closure from filming commissioner Peter Finestone. To prevent the shoot from interfering with rush hour traffic, it’ll go from 7 p.m.–7 a.m. daily, beginning on September 17, and Toronto will stand in for Harlem.
Photo by owenbooth. Tip via Chromewaves.


  • guest

    I seriously doubt that anyone was firing live ammunition in the courtyard at Knox College.

  • guest

    Live ammunition? lol

  • David Topping

    I was there yesterday, watching a scene get filmed with two soldiers firing on “the Hulk” (who didn’t yet exist because it’ll all be CGI’d in later). I was told to cover my ears by one of the production people during the take because “they are firing live ammunition.” EMS workers were there as well. It was extraordinarily loud, and you could hear it from the far end of King’s College Circle (where I was before I wandered onto the set).
    Just repeating what I saw, heard, and what I was told by someone who’s actually working on the thing.

  • guest

    They were either bullshitting you or ignoramuses. Of course it was loud — that’s the whole point of filmmaking — to make believe.
    But they were not using live ammo. Apart from it being extremely dangerous, it’s forbidden. Fifteen seconds 0.12 seconds worth of investigative journalism and you could have found it out for yourself.

  • David Topping

    You may very well be right––I’m reporting what I was told by someone in charge on set, and I didn’t fact-check to make sure, because, well, this is a post about The Hulk––but I should at least mention that the document you linked to notes in its introduction that:

    The Safety Guidelines are not regulations, but are intended to provide guidance to workers and management in the Film and Television Industry in Ontario….It is the Occupational Health and Safety Act which must be complied with, and these guidelines have been developed in order to establish reasonable precautions and to assist employers in complying with them.

    The relevant portion you’re talking about, “Live ammunition should NEVER be used”––as strongly-worded as it is––is from the “Use of Firearms” guidelines. Just sayin’.

  • guest

    I hope the film producers are paying for all of the damage caused by the many bullet holes all over Kings College. :P Cuuuut! Live rounds being shot into imaginary Hulk, take 12!

  • Carly Beath

    We just got bullshitted by a movie guy about 15 minutes ago. They’re filming something on my street, and they have been for quite a while. Today the filming extended onto the next street. We were walking by and asked, “What are you guys shooting?” and the guy goes, “A tampon commercial.” That’d be the biggest budget tampon commercial there ever was.

  • David Topping

    …and, in all likelihood, the most awesome tampon commercial ever.

  • guest


  • WannaBinToranna

    I picture ‘comic-book store guy’ from “The Simpsons”…
    “Are you the creator of ‘Hi and Lois’, because you are making me laugh. A tampon commercial? With The Incredible Hulk? Heh, Worst tampon commercial ever. May I suggest the lovely Lucy Lawless, AKA Xena, instead? Now, I shall take my chilupa home, thank you, and voice my anger over the internet at once……good day”

  • guest

    “What are you guys shooting?” and the guy goes, “A tampon commercial.”
    But were they shooting live tampons? Those make a great deal of noise when fired, apparently.

  • guest

    There is a building on Yonge St. very close to the Yonge St. Mission and it’s the one that has the Apollo sign in front of it; not the Canon Theatre.
    I was surprised to learn that HMV was required to close at 7 pm last night because of the movie shoot. I have no idea what other businesse were required to close. They should be fully compensated for lost sales and wages.
    I don’t mind their being here but I do not like the 12 storey-high crane high intensity lamp shining through my venetians.

  • Kevin Bracken

    Wow, I totally missed this. Haha. I need to go to class more.

  • Marc Lostracco

    The businesses are well-compensated with location/shooting fees. As for the employees, it’s up to the businesses if they want to pay full rate for shortened shifts.