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LOVE IS Not An Advertising Tool

Have you seen the handsome true-blue posters that proclaim “Love Is” on Queen Street between Spadina and Bathurst, and on Bathurst Street from Queen to College? They’ve also been spotted in The Annex. Underneath the words, white rectangular boxes invite interaction from passerby. Empty as a “Hello, My Name Is” badge waiting for an identity, the posters are part of an upcoming film’s viral marketing campaign.
Thanks to Chris Tindal, who spotted the posters, and to Johnnie Walker for providing locations.


  • Jonathan Goldsbie

    What’s up with the “Reg Hart” poster in the bottom-left photo? I assume the guy knows how to spell his own name (should be “Hartt”), so I’m wondering what that poster says and who put it up?

  • Ben

    How long until we can see the “This ad campaign brought to you by ________” ad campaign? Then all these marketing weenies can run around writing their favourite brands down with sharpies all day.

  • Paige

    Or, alternatly, when will we read a proclaimation of love for the posters if they are revealed to be some indie-non-conglomerate-created initiative?

  • David Topping

    I think that they’re kind of cool, but stuff like this — street level participatory stuff that seems to have no set purpose beyond being fun — would be cooler if it were, uh, what Paige said: a “indie-non-conglomerate-created initiative.”

  • Cam Hardy


  • David Topping

    You asking me? Because the ad isn’t clearly marked as an ad (like those Breast Cancer tees or even that party store grate); instead, it takes the appearance of a cute innocent community-level project — it requires participation from people who probably don’t realize that they’re furthering a movie’s promotion.
    That being said, I’m not horribly opposed to this. I’d like to see how the posters are used next…

  • rek

    Do these work as a “viral” uh, expression? I’m 10,621 km away so I can’t see if there’s a URL or something printed at the bottom, but it seems to me that just getting people talking does not a viral campaign make.
    See also: the Bell Christmas present campaign. (What a huge letdown the reveal turned out to be. We all knew it was Bell, but beavers in a white void saying stupid things completely ruined it.)