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I’d Sure Love To Golden Tap That

2007_06_18beer.jpgSummer: the official season of barbecues, cottages and having a nice cold beer. To honour the finest microbrews in the GTA and Ontario, The Bar Towel is once again asking for the public to vote for the 2007 Golden Tap Awards and have a voice in who should go home with one of the eight coveted awards.
The main competition in the GTA categories is the Mill Street Brewery, especially now that they have their own brewpub, to challenge the Granite Brewery. Mill Street has won for Best GTA Microbrewery the past three years with their Tankhouse Ale taking Best GTA Beer for two years straight. Could they go home with the Triple Crown? Only you can decide!
Voting is now open and will run until August 4th, which means there is plenty of time to try a couple more beers and bars before making a final decision. The awards will be handed out on Saturday, August 18th at the beerbistro with a special vote for the best beer at the awards.
Photo by photoderek from the Torontoist Flickr Pool.


  • shaun

    Mill Street is good but still doesn’t compare with Upper Canada during its zenith in the mid 1990s. Before Sleeman took control, Upper Canada boasted 10 fantastic beers with a design team that was equally as good. The only thing comparable is Cheval Blanc in Montreal, which is arguably the best brewery in the country.

  • vanessa

    i’m late to the beer game but am surely making my way through it, so cheval blanc hasn’t crossed my palate yet. but have you gone to the mill st brewpub and tried any of the brews that they’re not bottling for sale? their whit is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, beer coming out of ontario. it’s crisp and clean as a whit should be but the aromas and flavour of spiced orange linger perfectly. their helles bock doesn’t really hit with heaviness but is the second best brew they’ve got. it’s a shame they’re not selling either outside of the pub.

  • Mike Warner

    You can actually find some of their other beers on tap at bars like Volo (or you could before their brewpub opened… this may have changed). It is very annoying, especially as it can be a trek for myself to get to the Distillery District, but I guess it makes sense for them and ensures patronage.
    I really wish that the Granite Brewery would start selling some of their beers through the LCBO. Anyone know why they don’t?