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It is forecast to be Thunderstorm at 11:00 PM EDT on July 26, 2014
It is forecast to be Clear at 11:00 PM EDT on July 27, 2014
It is forecast to be Chance of a Thunderstorm at 11:00 PM EDT on July 28, 2014
Chance of a Thunderstorm


  • james a

    Man, what’s wrong with this guy?
    Doesn’t he know that current Ontario regulations limit him to selling “pre-cooked meat products in the form of wieners or similar sausage products served on a bun.”?
    I mean SHEEEEESH.

  • Danielle

    This was totally ripped off a recent episode of Trailer Park Boys, where the lads steal meat to sell in the LC parking lot.

  • Roxanne

    I don’t have TV, so I don’t watch much of anything, and I’ve only seen a one episode of Trailer Park Boys (the one where they get the junior achievers to steal bbqs, which was hilarious). I have not “ripped off” any episodes of anything to write this, a guy really did try to sell me a steak on my street.
    But maybe that’s where HE got the idea!

  • mint

    i’m confused
    was this meant to be funny?

  • Steph

    Change the record, mint.

  • Brad

    This actually happened to us last night, on Dundas between Jarvis and Sherbourne, beside Groege’s BBQ. The guy was on a scooter, and he was trying to sell us two shrink-wrapped steaks which were sitting on his lap. Keep in mind it was 25 degrees outside at the time.