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Silverman Helps Feud Ends In ETF Arrest

The ongoing investigation of a crooked optician’s shop by consumer complaints reporter Peter “Watch it, Buddy!” Silverman of CityTV’s Silverman Helps has ended in a spectacular dust-up. According to CityNews, the owner of King West Opticians, Adam Plimmer, physically attacked Silverman then locked himself inside his shop in a standoff until he was eventually arrested by the police and charged with assault and assault with a weapon.
The sensational footage (released by CityNews to YouTube, as well) shows 33-year-old Plimmer forcefully smacking the door in Silverman’s face as he approaches the shop. “Oh, I’m sorry! Did I hit you?” Plimmer screams mockingly, grabbing Silverman’s papers and throwing them back at him. He then takes a few swings at the reporter while screaming obscenities, also turning on a TTC driver who stopped to help (Silverman puts up his dukes as well and looks more than ready to clock the guy, who’s less than half his age). The clip also shows an emergency police task force moving in and hauling Plimmer away in handcuffs.
Silverman and his camera crew were surprised by the violence. “We were told that morning by a phone message by Mr. Plimmer that all was forgiven,” said the 75-year-old former military man.
Apparently the confrontation had been brewing for several months. Silverman had featured Plimmer and King West Opticians on several past episodes of Silverman Helps after uncovering that the store was selling counterfeit Oakley and Gucci glasses. Silverman also reported that Plimmer wasn’t a licensed optometrist, and had given at least one customer a bad prescription.
Videos of past segments of the optician saga can be found here and here. They portray Plimmer as a volatile fellow who hits Silverman’s umbrella and threatens to sue Gucci and Oakley (for what, exactly, is unclear–refusing to let him sell crappy fakes with botched prescriptions at full price?). The entire segment will air tonight on CityNews at six.


  • Gloria

    Silverman is so friggin’ badass!

  • Marc Lostracco

    Someone should help Silverman rid himself of that combover. PSA to men everywhere: this is never a good look and you aren’t fooling anyone.
    I commend him, however, for restraining himself after the guy went apeshit on him. That’s always better for later when you’re pressing charges and considering lawsuits. Anger issues much, Plimmer? Jeez.

  • miles

    That really is pretty pathetic, the Plimmer guy completely lost it, you can see by his stammering movements he’s not really in any control. Definitely has some issues.
    I’ve never seen this Silverman show but it looks like, instead of backing off after that confrontation, he kept egging the guy on. It looks like he’s either trying to get into the shop or stop the guy getting out as they play door footsie. Who knows, it’s all edited, maybe Plimmer was still trying to attack him.
    Whatever he did I can’t help but think that calling in SWAT was a bit of an over-reaction…! What was the weapon? The door or the snowballs? Surely a couple of cops could have handled an irate optometrist.

  • Carrie

    Agreed. They should’ve called in the army, instead. At least they would’ve gotten their sidewalks shoveled as a bonus.
    Go Silverman!

  • Dave

    The ETF came to the scene? What an annoying waste of time and resources.
    The 3 cops who showed up weren’t able to handle it?
    It sure looked real scary and dangerous – a guy locking himself in his store.
    I guess Silverman and CITY-TV are really important and have important connections with important people.

  • Marc Lostracco

    It’s not unusual for the ETF to be called when someone barricades himself inside a building for hours after showing signs of violence or mental illness. That’s partially what the ETF is there for in the first place. The guy didn’t just lock himself in a store; he couldn’t control himself around a complete stranger (TTC driver) or the three regular officers who showed-up.
    If someone was acting like that toward me, you better believe I’m gonna call the cops immediately. This isn’t some little boy schoolyard dispute. If he had done that to a woman, people would be calling for his head on a platter. Assault is assault, whether it’s man-on-man or man-on-woman.
    Miles: The weapon wasn’t snowballs; it was a wooden broomstick.

  • brokenengine

    That guy is so angry, when I first watched the video, I at first thought that there was a download issue, it looked like the video was in Fast Forward!
    Survey Says: Thorazine.

  • EB

    Dave, it wasn’t just a guy locking himself in his shop. The extended footage shown on CityTV just now showed him repeatedly hitting Silverman and spitting in his face.
    Not to mention the violent and intimidating behaviour he apparently displayed towards female customers who were unsatisfied with his half-assed work.
    If you ask me, the EFT was exactly what this dick deserved.

  • Dave

    Well, he hit SIlverman with the door and then made several half-ass punches to Silverman’s shoulder. Hardly a violent fistfight. And ooh – spitting.
    That 3 cops couldn’t handle an unarmed guy throwing an over the top hissy fit is an embarassment to the police force. What the fuck were the 3 cops doing all afternoon?
    ETF is for emergencies. This wasn’t one. It was an utterly ridiculous over reaction.

  • jon tsao

    This has to be one of the most entertaining pieces of “news” ive seen come out of citytv (thankfully Silverman is fine)…but great entertainment value. Drama, action, cursing,everything!!

  • chris

    It’s not a question of whether the 3 regular officers could have handled it. It’s just standard procedure. You’ve got a nutbar in a frenzied state who just baited a reporter into coming to his shop only to assault him before turning on anyone who happened to wander by including three cops. He then proceeds to scream “get the f**k out of here” to the cops, and locks himself in the store. Knowing (or actually NOT knowing) this guy’s state of mind or his intentions in the first place – ie, whether he’s got a gun in the store and if he’s whacked out enough to use it, just as one scenario, the proper course of action is to call in the ETF to drag him out. Not at all an overreaction, to do anything less would be plain stupid.

  • Scott

    To Dave above. The response of the police officers was exactly correct. Uniformed officers do not have the specialized training to make entries, especially with the subject in such a frenzied state, and not knowing whether the suspect had any weapons or not. Calling in the ETF, who are trained exactly for this was the completely right call. Further spitting alone is assault without the punching and door slamming. Maybe at 75 you’d appreciate being assaulted by someone half your age. Next time you decide to speak publicly, do us all a favor, and don’t. Can always tell someone isn’t very smart when they immediately deteriorate to swearing!

  • Marc Lostracco

    I saw this footage on Anderson Cooper 360º and it’s now frontpaged on CityTV has also reported that Plimmer was recorded on Thursday changing the name on his shop’s sign to “Adam Paul & Associates.”

  • Jim

    I have seen the footage on CNN several times. Each time, I can’t believe what I am seeing. This Plimmer character has left no doubt that he is a complete and total asshole by physically attacking an obviously much older man. Mr. Plimmer, you are very lucky that the poor fellow that you chose to attack was not my father or grandfather. If he was, upcoming court dates would be the least of your worries. Learning how to breathe on your own again would be your major problem as I would have already kicked your punk ass into oblivion………….

  • Rita

    This may seem trivial, but Mr. Plimmer is not an optometrist. He is an optician. One of the reasons why Peter Silverman was at King West Optical in the first place was because Plimmer was giving eye exams illegally. In Ontario opticians are not legally allowed to give eye exams. Not only that, he was giving out the wrong prescription and then often refused to return the customer money.

  • Terry Roy

    Mr. Plimmer is a blight on good society. He obviously has no conscience – ripping consumers off and ambushing reporters who catch him at it. Anyone who takes advantage of people with physical impairments deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. CITY TV should visit his store every day and interview more of his victims. Maybe SILVERMAN, GUCCI and OAKLEY can sue his ass out of existence.

  • Rossvegas

    This guy is my neighbourhood “optician”, and I’ve had a dust up with him myself. He’s absolutely a psycho. I spoke to some people who used to work with him at Hakim, and he apparently has “steroid rage” issues…yeah, that explains it.
    I’m hoping he is forced out of the space he’s renting, because he is clearly insane.

  • mike

    I’m a fan of Silverman, as it seems are all who wrote. There is however, one glaring fly in the ointment in this story.
    I saw the original footage of this whole episode when it first aired, and in it Silverman clearly and definitely throws a closed fist at the face of his attacker. Silverman misses, but that is not the point.
    The point is that the footage has been edited to erase Silverman’s punch. I am NOT saying that Silverman was unjustified in throwing his punch, he was attacked. I AM saying that he and CityTV are unjustified in having edited it out. This is a blatant lie of omission.
    I just watched a show on CityTv in which Anne Rohmer interviews Silverman, and she and all the people who called in congratulate him on his “incredible restraint.” They air the footage of the incident again, stopping it just before Silverman throws his punch.
    If City TV is going to make such a big deal of this incident and hold their man up as such a saint, they have a journalistic duty to tell the whole truth, not just the part that makes them look good.
    I also thought that if Silverman is so concerned with restraint and avoiding a violent confrontation, why doesn’t he simply walk away when the guy closes his shop door? He could have easily left, but instead Silverman holds the door shut himself, egging the guy on for better TV footage.
    I’ve lost some respect for Silverman and for the integrity if City TV News over this one. If they will omit part of the truth in a situation like this, when they are clearly in the right and have no need to omit anything, what else do they omit on a daily basis? We have no way to know.


    The CNN video shows the full encounter…
    Apparently he barricaded himself inside the store and armed himself with a screwdriver. That and his obvious emotional state is why the ETF was called in.

  • mike

    I was interested to see if CNN had all the footage, but the link on the reply above goes to a page that says “error message,” and won’t play the video.

  • mike

    yep! I just tried it again and it worked, and CNN’s footage does include the right hand that Silverman throws. Now why doesn’t City TV show that?

  • Gregg Roy

    HEY — ADAM PLIMMER! “Fame” here; visited your store the other day disguised as a CITY-TV reporter.
    Bad new for you. Your five minutes are up.

  • Teresa

    A note regarding your post on Adam Plimmer – he is INCORRECTLY called an optometrist – in fact – he is an Optician which is a technician who is licensed to fit glasses – he is not an “eye doctor”. Could you please correct this inaccuracy as soon as possible?

  • C

    to #23 He isn’t an Opthalmologist, who is trained and qualified to perform just about everything from surgery to other optical issues. But, being a sucessful doctor AND businessman are two different things, and Mr. Plimmer was neither.
    I would have knocked that idiot out if he shoved a door in my face. You wouldn’t need to edit out my fist, you’d have to edit him being layed out on the street.

  • dsf

    Let’s all go to king west optical! It’s neat Shaw St. on King West!

  • Ean Erickson

    Just another example why I am leaving the GTA!!!

  • arich

    Adam Plimmer sneaked out of King West Village to Mississauga under the new name “Adam & Eves Optical”. This guy is such a creepy slimeball. Check out the silverman story on this guy if you haven’t. I shudder to think my fate had I got glasses from this guy.