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Arcade Fire Shows Sold Out, Band Plays SNL

After rumours and speculation, Arcade Fire recently announced that they would perform at Massey Hall on May 15 & 16. Both shows sold-out in less than a minute.
But hopefully those who missed-out on tickets (and are avoiding scalpers) caught their performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The band performed two tracks from their new album Neon Bible (to be released on March 6), “Intervention” and “Keep The Car Running. They also appeared in a skit. Pop Candy has a detailed account of attending the show; apparently after the broadcast, the band gave a private performance for the cast and audience.


  • Steve

    They kicked ass on SNL.

  • Darren J

    Could it have been my TV, or was the mixing kinda funny in the first song they played? The keyboard or organ drowned out the other instruments and vocals. I like their music a lot, but didn’t really like that mix. Was it intentional?

  • Steve

    The organ was a little hot…the mix wasn’t the greatest. Can’t imagine it being intentional…maybe there was some kind of ‘behind the scenes’ thing with the sound guys.
    Maybe AF wanted to use their own and there was some kind of union thing with SNL. It is New York.
    Maybe the sound was too loud coming off the stage.
    Still, it was nice to see someone play with some passion for a change, especially on SNL.

  • beth mahet

    I dunno. I find the Arcade Fire’s mix is usally a little off and muddy – it seems something they do on purpose, for whatever arty reason.
    I will always regret not going to see them in the months leading up to their media explosion. I could have seen them with a few dozen people in a tiny club in St. Catharines, and didn’t, for some reason. Didn’t know enough about them at the time, I guess. Hindsight sucks.

  • rek

    I’ve always found SNL’s performers are drowned out by the band.

  • Steve

    Well, at the very least, we can be glad they weren’t lip-syncing. I’ve played in bands (bass) and sometimes I judge a band’s performance by how much it makes me want to play after seeing it.
    Watching Arcade Fire made me want to play in a band again.