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This Lamb Leaps CN Towers (Without Final Cut Pro)

Special guest Victoria Kent sent us this article, and, since it’s about Final Fantasy and “This Lamb Sells Condos,” we’re pretty much obliged to post, especially now that we’ve interviewed Brad J. Lamb, whose advertising slogan inspired Owen Pallett to write the song. Thanks Victoria!
Toronto-based artists Stephanie Comilang and Jamie Shannon have created an enchanting music video for the Final Fantasy song “This Lamb Sells Condos” — that required no editing whatsoever.

In the video, a jangly-legged lamb hops along the rooftops of a cardboard cutout Toronto skyline, bypassing the second level observatory of the CN Tower, touching down on a geodesic dome representing the Roger’s Centre and riding an elevator up to a tiny penthouse. An overhead projector silhouettes a girl choosing an outfit from super-imposed acetate cutout clothing and fighting with her boyfriend after consuming projected images of bread and wine.
Comilang explains they shot the video straight through 5 or 6 times until they felt they had a good take, and that was it, finished. It goes to show you can still make a good video without final cut pro or the like.
Stephanie Comilang tours Europe and North America with Final Fantasy doing overhead projections for his stage shows. Jamie Shannon is co-creator of puppet show Mr. Meaty, which airs on CBC and Nickelodeon.


  • thickslab

    It goes to show you can still make a good video without final cut pro or the like

  • David Topping

    What’s up? The emphasis is on this being a video done in one take (thus, defying editing that could be done in a program like Final Cut “or the like”) so I don’t see what’s so bizaare about commending that. One take videos (like Ok Go’s) are almost always neat.

  • Mussa

    this article, song and video are plain boring
    art or fart?

  • David Topping

    Dibs on “art.” Sorry that you feel that way, Mussa, but quite a few people would disagree with you.

  • Steve

    It seems they cannot leave their dream.
    Theres something moving in the sidewalk steam,
    And the lamb lies down on Broadway.